NEW PROMO - FliteTest Argentina

by flitetest_argentina | January 31, 2013 | (27) Posted in Just Fun


Hey guys! We made a cool new promo video for our show...we got some cool things coming up soon. For example we will have new products like the durafly trojan or the hobbyking peashooter. Also we will start with a kind of new format of the show.

Me have some cool projects coming soon. Because Mateo is flying to Argentina in one month, we will try to do something different but also we will try to do something that has to do with the word "FLY" we will go to an airport and shoot like some behind the scenes of an airport..also Mateo is going to a full motion simulator and there he will explain some principles about flight. So tell us what you think about this new project!


So we would like to thank you all for watching and remember to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't and also we would like to thank you guys for our new author influence wich is about yeah...that's it for now...






Remember, we are a honorary partner of Flite Test. COPYRIGHT 2013 to Stonekap Productions for music, name and logo.


Adib Vahedi on January 31, 2013
that is a really good video!!!! ;)

Is that Spanish or another language cuz i speak Spanish too!

Keep up the great work!!!!!! :)
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NEW PROMO - FliteTest Argentina