Flying Wing made from a Cardboard Pizza Box!

by FliteTest | June 5, 2018 | (9) Posted in Projects

This week's crazy Flite Test build challenge sees Josh and Stefan use a pizza box to build a rather unique FT Mighty Mini Arrow

Download the Free Plans: FT STEM Pizza Box Challenge Lesson & Plans 1.0.pdf
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Build Video

Somewhere at some point in time, you may have seen a big old cardboard box and said to yourself, 'say, I wonder if I could build a plane with that'. Well, Josh and his aeronautical apprentice Stefan decided to put this idea to the test. To make it a little more challenging, however, they opted to use a pizza box. 

FT STEM Project

This particular project was developed with FT STEM groups in mind. For that reason, we've provided resources for high school teachers to run the very same challenge for their students! If you're not enrolled yet, check out this link for more info.

Download the activity plans here. 

FT STEM Pizza Box Challenge Lesson.pdf

What you need to build this plane
Hyperion Battery:
Transmitter/Receiver (if you don't have one already):

How to Build With Cardboard

The good news is that cardboard can absolutely be used to construct an airframe (hooray!). The bad news is that is often heavier than good old foamboard and not always as strong. This means that you have to choose wisely when looking at different boxes to cut up.

Generally, you'll want to go for the thin corrugated stuff where you would normally use 5mm foam board. Unfortunately, though, the thinner stuff tends to be weaker, so you'll need to brace it with extra spars. You can make these from thicker corrugated cardboard sandwiched together. 

You can also use cardboard tubes to make parts of an airframe. This motor glider used three tubes stuck together to form the fuselage. You can read more about this build here. 

You'll want to scale your design to your material. Josh decided to use the pizza box to build an FT Arrow as the wing's small dimensions meant he had more than enough material to use.

The build of this wing is pretty simple really! Most of the time it's just like the foam board version. 

The motor was attached to a pop bottle cap. 

This was next mounted to the rear of the airframe. When glueing something like this, always make sure to get as much surface area to touch as possible as it will make it structurally stronger. It shows you can use pretty much anything at hand to get the job done! 

After a quick setup on the transmitter, the brand new Pizza aircraft was ready to go!

We have power!

Up, up and away, the cardboard FT Arrow flies like a charm. 

Make sure to post about your cardboard creations on the newly updated Flite Test Forums! We can't wait to see them. 


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Cal.AU on June 8, 2018
I have plenty of spare 2300kV motors from my mini quads; are these too large to use of this? Im keen on making one but want go get away with using parts I already have if I can...
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Petewils1280 on June 6, 2018
I am interested in building this, but I am restricted to use a motor that is larger than the one you used. Will it matter, or do I have to scale up the design?
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Wingman04 on January 7, 2019
All but one of the component links don't work. Any a new list of links would be helpful.
Log In to reply
Duke878 on June 8, 2018
Can you still use foamboard for this build?
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jagstanley on July 26, 2018
This looks awesome! I'd like to try it, but the links for the parts are all dead except for the Transmitter/Receiver. Are the parts just "Power Pack A" (same as for the FT Mighty Mini Arrow)?

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mjterry03 on June 5, 2018
Who does it compare in size and weight to the original Arrow? I have been looking for a DIY plane that could be used inside.
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MadMax1234 on August 29, 2018
I am missing the marking of the CG point on the Plans! would helping me! Thank you!
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davereap on July 30, 2018
Where is the COG on this little wing...
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Dchornbaker on July 13, 2019
This looks like fun! But the links are broken!
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Helixer rc on March 21, 2021
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Raphael Rainer Aerospace on May 22, 2021

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Bella Vina on December 19, 2022
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Jonathan Ott on January 28, 2023
The "Flying Wing CG Calculator" at calculates the CG at 5" from the nose for a 23.1% CG. I have not tested it though it should get us in the ballpark.
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Flying Wing made from a Cardboard Pizza Box!