FT Simple Scout

by FliteTest | October 26, 2017 | (10) Posted in News

Introducing the FT Simple Scout

This plane is a bigger, newer version of the much loved, original FT Mighty Mini Scout released in 2014. 

With its classic lines and fantastic flying characteristics, we think it may well become a favorite. 

Some of the inspiration for the design of this classic looking bird came from monoplanes of old. 1920’s airplanes have inspired many of Josh Bixler’s drawings over the years. Check out the FT Speedster here for example!

Apart from looking the part, the Scout was designed to be perfect for beginners. It’s extremely easy to fly. 

For a gentle beginner setup, 3-channel ‘elevator and rudder’ control is forgiving, yet still remains agile. 

For the slightly more adventurous pilots out there, the FT Simple Scout is an absolute dream to fly with fully functional ailerons built into the sturdy wings. 

Safe to say, it is a blast to fly for any ability, age or experience, and even more fun when you fly with friends. 

The Scout is also super easy to build. Much like it’s smaller counterpart, it goes together quickly and (like all of our kits) it’s friendly for beginners. Build video coming soon!

For the FPV enthusiasts out there, slap on one of these bad boys, the RunCam Split FPV Cube Kit on your Scout and you’ve got yourself a sweet and unique FPV experience with internal HD 1080p 60fps DVR. 

There are two versions of the kit, one is fixed and the other has a pan servo so you can look left and right as you fly. The fixed version has several different configurations that it can be built as depending on your setup.

We also used the Flite Test Edition Marvel Vision II Goggles whilst testing the FT Simple Scout's FPV capability which worked very nicely indeed. 

As josh said in the main video: 

‘In my opinion, this is a really great gateway to be able to get someone into FPV because it’s not intimidating’. 

After saying this, he demonstrated with a perfectly executed inverted low pass. Standard. 

Then he decided to have a crack at going through some airfield obstacles. After all, if you have a 1920's inspired plane, you have to do some old fashioned barnstorming.

We want to know about your experiences with the FT Simple Scout, so post about it in the FT Forums, write articles, and make videos. We can’t wait to see!

Buy your own FT Simple Scout speed build kit here!

Check out the Build article here!


All in One: https://www.flitetest.com/ScoutAllInOne

Full-Size: https://www.flitetest.com/ScoutFullSize
Tiled A-Size (7-1/2 x 10): https://www.flitetest.com/ScoutASize
Tiled B-Size (15 x 20):  https://www.flitetest.com/ScoutBSize


Mach60 on October 27, 2017
Sweet! Can't wait to get it built and fly!
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oldensly on October 27, 2017
Looks great, printed plans, just got 10 sheets DTFB so I am off to the races! Lovely looking plane, now if it flies as well as the mini scout, I will be tickled pink!
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Damig on October 28, 2017
Nice, going to order a couple of these and get the grandkids in the air!!
QuestION: FPV has Zero static, what changed that, the goggles or the split cams?

What a GREAT birthday gift idea - to ME! Thanks guys. Another fun Home Run... I appreciate ya
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PropSpinner on October 30, 2017
Where is newbie Chad and Background Bob? I love watching you guys fly.
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Hell2Go on November 23, 2017
I just maidened my scratch built Red Baron Scout today, and I have to say this is one of the best flying FT planes I've built, and I've built alot. IF you want to read about it checkout the Simple Scout thread started by SponZ. Thanks for another great plane and the memories we will make with it!
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TrooperCooper on February 14, 2018
Y U NO MAKE SWAPPABLE?? Just kidding. I love all your planes, but seriously... I love your swappables much more 👍
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FT Simple Scout