FT22 #2...64mm EDF Conversion!!

by Redazrael | February 27, 2014 | (6) Posted in Reviews

Off the top I apologize for the videos in this article, I haven't had any success withsurface to air filming by myself and getting an extra set of hands to do it for me is sporadic at best. So I mostly have onboard footage and stills currently but wanted to get it out there what I have done and some more of my experiences with this AWESOME AND VERSATILE beast of an airframe design!!! Will try to get a ground to air view video and put it in this article as soon as I possibly can!!!!!AGAIN THANK YOU Josh B and everyone else at Flite Test!!!!!

   Anyhow...after many many flights on my original FT-22 (see my first article on this plane) I got incredibly fed up with having to try and land on the very limited space I have at my park that wasn't covered in snow, as well as all the anxieties and headaches we've all experienced with moisture etc. and our foambard planes. So initially I set out just to build a "weather/elements proof" version of the plane I have ate, slept, and breathed since it's release. I set out on a fully "skin" the FT-22 mission. I used the HobbyKing wing tape and in the end was very surprised that being a lil more conservative and strategic with the hot glue it really didn't come out weighing any more than my original (I have to admit in my excitement and haste to get the first one built I was probably a lil more liberal with the hot glue than I should've been LOL)

  None the less I decided to experiment with a different power system that I had on my FT-3D (Turnigy Aerodrive 2217/16 1050kv) just for giggles. At first was kinda worried a lil bit that the substancial weight increase fom a 30 some gram motor to a 70 some gram motor might cause some adverse behaviors, but then figured what the heck it's all taped up...what's the worst that can happen this plane is a tank now...a lighter weight tank than you would think at that!!!

  I also experimented here and there with little zip ties for landing gear but they snapped on the first landing due to the single digit temps here I failed to take into account. I did find a viable solution at Dollar Tree... the little cooling racks that I get 2 for a dollar and dismantle for decent control rods and wheeled landing gear (Flite Test style of course) also worked with a little crafty bending and sections of popsicle stick and placed similar to the zip tie method. ANY questions feel free to add me on Facebook under the name Bradley Boarman (profile pic of the FT-22) and message me. I say this because we don't recieve notifications when someone asks a question on an article and I truly don't want to miss someone asking advice or directions how I have done something.

  OK... on to what everyone probably opened this article for more than anything else...The EDF!!! actually it's quite simple to be completely honest!! It is a 64mm out of an inherited FMS(I think) F-18 Hornet that was totally destroyed by a noob that believed flying an RC Jet couldn't be any different than toy helicoptors from walmart and Rc monster trucks, so I just took all the salvageable electronics out of it waiting for the right airframe to put it on. Back to the conversion...I am frugal so I kinda save any scrap of foam I feel I may have a use for down the line...So I had 2 cutouts from the prop slot laying here and figured hmmmm I can make this work!! I have taken photos as close as I can and anyone that has even limited scratch building experience can see and replicate what I have done. If not just utilize the aforementioned Facebook approach and I will drop everything to talk to you and help in any way I can rather than you having to wait until I see a question here.

  My final verdict on this...UNBELIEVABLE!!! It tracks like an arrow, it's just about crashproof, and a weird side effect...it really doesn't mind the wind, just watch the video you'll see. Add that on top of the EDF sound in the air and no more dinged up propellors and I say ya can't go wrong!!!!!




   Well the only thing stopping me from truly flying this plane anytime other than a downpour of rain and gale force winds was the night....SOOOOOO...decided to try out some LEDs and go for a night fly. Don't have any video of it, but it worked out wonderfully and my unwarranted fear of night flying has been overcome. Here are some still shots post first night flite...



petedotnl on March 18, 2014
awesome, you;re a pro. great creativity. i;m only missing a duct on youre plane (just for the looks of it) but it seems it;s not needed to fly well. great job man.
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Redazrael on March 18, 2014
The jury is still out on the "pro" thing lol...But thank you for the very kind words. if you like all you've seen here so far give me a few minutes cuz I got bored and decided to LED this one tonite so I can truly fly it whenever I want ha ha ha...going to upload the new pics as an update to this article.
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FT22 #2...64mm EDF Conversion!!