Giant 3-D Printed Airbus A-321

by AntonovLover | March 9, 2022 | (2) Posted in Projects

This is my completely 3-D printed Airbus A-321 project. I bought the plans from Troy McMillan on YouTube (Link Here). The build started by printing out all of the pieces (this took many days), after all of the parts were printed I moved on to assembly, this took a lot of watch time on Troy's video, especially since it was all in time-lapse, making it extremely hard to confirm piece placement and assembly. One example of the troubles I had during construction is when I went to attach the control surfaces, i was expecting to use hobby grade plastic hinges from the local hobby store, but these pieces did not end up fitting. I then went to the internet, searching for the smallest size hinges I could find, nothing. Then after watching the video 3 more times, I spotted him using small black parts for the hinges, these turned out to be Flexible 3-D printed TPU squares! This highlighted a major problem with the build, no instructions were included, just lots of blind guessing curated by a 20 minute YouTube video. Eventually after a few months of work, the plane is in the state it is now. 

 the wings are separate pieces and attach with a single bolt. 

 I'm still awaiting final assembly and to build up enough courage to fly the thing, especially since its my first EDF!! (However I am thinking about getting a EDF trainer first) Electronics wise, it is powered by twin 70mm EDFs, two 80A speed controllers, 8 HI-MAX Servos, a 4S hardcase LIPO, a Flitetest Gyro and a Flysky FS-I6X Radio system. The build also includes a steerable nose wheel, but no retracts.

 As for possible liveries for my plane, I was thinking about the 1998-2019 Scandinavian Airlines "Red Engines" livery. (see below)

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to comment your ideas below. 


NYCBobby on May 19, 2022
It may be a frustrating build but she looks great. Let's hope more details were put into the design than the assembly instructions. Can't wait to see the maiden.
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AntonovLover on June 9, 2022
I hope so too!
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Giant 3-D Printed Airbus A-321