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by LetsFlyRC | September 22, 2014 | (17 Ratings) Posted in How To

I found FliteTest a few years ago, and was hooked.  I wanted to build more, and more.  It seemed like I was always checking the site for new planes to build.  Eventually, I wanted to build my own designs.  So, I built a couple other planes, and a miniquad.  I will eventually perfect those, and post articles, but, for now, here is a plane I am really proud of, the LF-Trojan.


I am working on a new website - LetsFlyRC.com - and plan on selling this as a speed build kit in the near future.  It is a new website, and is still under development, but should be running at full speed soon.  I have a vinyl plotter and will be offering decal kits also.  Keep an eye out.


The Free Plans with Decal design will be at the bottom of the article in multiple formats.


Flight Video:



Build Video:



This plane is based off of the T-28 Trojan, and I had to come up with a new idea, because the Trojan was not a tail dragger, like all of the other Flite Test planes I have built so far.  And, the Tricycle landing gear was born.


Lanching and landing this plane is extremely fun.  The tricycle landing gear makes the plane extremely smooth, and it is a blast to drive around on the pavement.  The only thing I would do differently, if I could, would be to make a steerable nose wheel.



I don't know if it is because of the extra bulk or weight of this plane, but it seems to want a more powerful motor setup.  The equipment I ended up using after multiple tests seemed to give it wonderful flight characteristics, and plenty of power.  Like the FT-Mustang, it flies really straight lines, but it also has a lot of maneuverability.

The recommended setup for this plane is:

Motor:  2217-07 Suppo
ESC:  30A Suppo, or 25A Plush Hobbyking
Prop:  10x4.7 or 9x4.7 slow fly
Battery:  2200 mah lipo

One of the greatest things about this plane, is that it is still swappable.  Thanks, Josh for giving us the gift known as the power pod.


One of my favorite features of this design is the battery placement.  It is always difficult to try to cram the battery inside the fuse on some of the FT planes, and then rip it back out, so I tried something different.  Like the FT-22, I put a removable canopy on this plane, and the battery fits nicely down inside the front of it.  It also provides easy access to the receiver, and esc connections.  For proper balance, the battery should be farther forward than in this picture, normally.


Free Plans:

Free Plans - Dropbox


hursto75 on September 26, 2014
Looks great when can I get a Kit?
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rcflyer729 on September 25, 2014
nice build

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bacpck on September 25, 2014
Looks fantastic and the paint and sticker job looks great. I think I may have to build one this winter to go with my Parkzone T-28.
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sailorJohn on September 25, 2014
Very professional video. This looks like a easy build. I have sometimes attached the fwd gear to the motor mounting plate with steering.
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LetsFlyRC on September 25, 2014
Thanks guys, I really enjoyed building and flying this model.
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sailorJohn on September 25, 2014
Any hints on cutting main wing slots to fit various wings.
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LetsFlyRC on September 25, 2014
Take measurements. To get the wing slots on this model, I used Josh's plans from the FT-Mustang, and compared the height, and lengths in all different directions after building the wing, and modified it to suit the Trojan. I cut 3 fuselages before I got it right.
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LetsFlyRC on September 26, 2014
Hey, guys. I was in the process of cutting out kits, and my laser broke. I have the parts on order to fix it, and should be up and running again in a few days. I haven't started selling them yet, because I want to be sure that I can deliver if sold. Thanks for your patience. Keep an eye on letsflyrc.com. Friend me on Facebook for updates. Facebook: Shawn Morrison WakeboardingFilms.
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81zapper on September 26, 2014
Nice one great job and article . I thought trees only jumped at my planes who knew
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Hell2Go on September 30, 2014
Great plane and awesome build video! I might have to build this one. Looking forward to the next also... I would like to see a small spec list on your build that includes wingspan, length and flying weight. Thankyou to you and FliteTest for all you do for our community... You guys are heroes in my book!
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bmosinski on February 25, 2015
Can you tell me what application you drew up your plans? I love this and will start building tonight. I would like to design some of my own planes but just wonder how you guys make those sweet plans.
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Tyflyer on February 28, 2015
great looking plane
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LetsFlyRC on March 2, 2015
Thanks for all the encouragement guys. I use Corel Draw to start my design process. Then, from there I can export to whatever file type is needed.

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dkruger` on October 9, 2015
I want one! How can I get a kit?
David Kruger in Fort Lauderdale, FL
954 881 6331
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agentorange2000 on October 27, 2015
I'd love to build this plane in the mini version. I am guessing maybe print these plans out at 60%???? I love the size of the minis but most of the plans are for 3 channel planes at the mini class.
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