Let's Play RF-X | Flight Simulator

by FliteTest | January 10, 2017 | (2) Posted in Just Fun

Here at FliteTest we know how intimidating it can be when first getting your model to fly. You probably ask yourself: “Will it fly?,” “If it flies, am I going to crash it?,” “If it crashes, how much am I going to have to spend to fix it?!”

With RF-X (RealFlight-Experience) Software and InterLink-X Controller, you can put all those concerns to rest. You’ll get the benefit of putting in hours of flight time without destroying your meticulously crafted plane. Once you feel comfortable enough to get your bird up in the sky, you’ll be ready!

Obviously, simulated flight isn’t the real thing, so make sure you get out with other experienced pilots to learn as well. Learning the basics of aerodynamics is important. You can get some tips from our beginner series videos here.

The cost of the RF-X simulator is $179.99. It may seem like a steep price, but you get to test out more than 60 aircraft including fixed-wing planes, drones and helicopters!

Big thanks to Hobbico and Knife Edge for putting our FliteTest Explorer plane in your line-up!

What makes your excited about testing out the newest RF-X simulator?


wanabeRCexpert on January 16, 2017
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jtuttle11 on January 16, 2017
It's hard to believe you guys can actually fly so well in 'Real Life' Ha Ha Ha
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Plane Stupid RC on January 21, 2017
I'm impressed by that simulator. I have phoenix 5.5 and they both look and are brilliant to fly. I like the fact with the RFX that you get a transmitter but the downside to that is you don't get used to flying with your own transmitter.
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Saravana on July 10, 2018
Can anyone guide me ! ? Im the beginner to RC planes Hobby. Actually im learning from your (Flite test ) youtube channels and from your Flite test Fans group. But im confused how to start?, whether i can buy good Transmitter compatible with RC Simulation software? or I can buy RF-X and Inter link controller ?
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Let's Play RF-X | Flight Simulator