Modified FT tricopter camera mount.

by enivid | March 17, 2014 | (0) Posted in Projects

 Modified FT tricopter camera mount.

 So David created an excellent camera mount design for tricopters; you can buy it at the FT store.

I've been toying with making a modified version of this camera mount that's compatible with my FPV manuals trictoper frame.  So I imported David's plans into inkscape and made some modifications:

  • M3 screw mount compatibility with the FPV manuals tricopter frame
  • Ability to mount to my steel wire vibration dampening system using zipties
  • Removed the bottom plate lamination in the original design and the frame mounts
  • Made the camera mount plate wider and added a slot to accept my fatshark FPV camera
  • Added strap slits for a battery strap
My plan also produces two complete camera mounts very cheaply at Ponoko, you can download the drawing here: FT camera mount v2.

The parts

Starting the assembly (very tight fit!)


Mounting the cameras

As you can see the strap could be offset a little more to the left but other than that it looks pretty good.  The Fat shark camera has a snug fit in its little slot. Hot glue or rubber bands hold it down securely.

Mounting the camera plate assembly

As you can see in this mess of wires, I have ziptied a double loop of steel wire on my tricopter hub to mount my camera plate.

Fasten the whole thing using zipties.

Tighten (sorry it's hard to capture the whole mounting solution).

Voila, the cameras are mounted using a laser cut bamboo plate, steel wire and zipties.

Ready for some Spring FPV!

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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on December 9, 2015
Wonderful mod. Great job!
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Modified FT tricopter camera mount.