Waiting for next weekend...

by flitetest_argentina | March 18, 2014 | (3) Posted in Just Fun

An Aeroplay sponsored segment.

In this episode we show you how we are prepearing for our big show "Volando en Otoño 2014" next weekend. This is the first time we have our own stand and we will camp there and have our own shop and everything. Here are some pictures of the "Jorge Newbery Modelairport" were we trained with the guys from Birds of War.

The team that night!

Talking about the flying.

The planes we had to repair that day (all of them flew great after some little bit of repairing).

The FT Versawing waiting for it's maiden.

First world war planes...

Our official dog: Lola!

The "Pulqui Jet" testing for it's maiden.

It flew great!

Our new "Sufuri": 2 meters wingspan and a big gas engine.

She looks great, had only one flight till now...

That's it everybody! To see all these airplanes watch the whole episode. 

More pictures in our facebook page!


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Remember, we are a honorary partner of Flite Test. COPYRIGHT 2013 to Stonekap Productions for music, name and logo.


The P.A.S. is the "solidary action programm" of Mateo's international school programm. The P.A.S. is an intensiv 2 years program were you go to different fundations and schools to get young children to learn new things...normaly, those kids don't have their parents or they were never listened, so they wait us almost everyday  to get them new things to do. 

Mateo thought that it would be a great idea to continue with the FliteTest mission statement wich is "entertain, educate and elevate the world of flight". So he is getting some contact with Chad Kapper and Josh Bixler so that they can help him! 

AND YOU CAN HELP US TOO! If you want to donate something for the kids, please sent us an e-mail to yourhobbychannel@gmail.com ... this is only a voluntary thing! You don't have to do it if you don't want to but Mateo wants just to talk to this guys about the principles of flight, build some FT Speedbuild kits and then get to fly them...so please...THE CHILDREN NEED YOU! We are going to use everything you give us..but this is for FREE and it's something you have to do with pleassure. We can do this world just a bit better together... 


tsbanking on March 18, 2014
I wonder why you keep posting this videos. Its not flitetest.argentina.com No one understands your language, another useless video...
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flitetest_argentina on March 18, 2014
I am going to tell you why I upload the videos in here: because I am a honorary and only partner from flitetest, and if I think that I can do an article with this, then I will make it! And if not, then I wont! Because there are some of my videos that have no article because there is no point for it okey? And just that you know, we are famous in Argentina for what we are doing (We have been invited to a lot of events and sponsorships, etc) and everything takes credit to FliteTest (that's why we love them so much, not only because of their videos). So we do this with COPYRIGHT and everything so that this is legal everywhere.
Also, and the last thing I want to say, spanish is the second language in the world so please don't tell me not to post in here because their are a lot of spanish viewers in this community! We are on the biggest aeromodelism group in facebook from Argentina with over 4000 people that watch our things...so please, don't tell me not to post in this website because everyone can do it.
And for any complain please feel free to contact the US FliteTest staff. Thank you very much and have a nice day,
Andy (personal manager of FliteTest Argentina).
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Flying Penguin RC on March 19, 2014
You do good work guys, Keep it up.
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flitetest_argentina on March 19, 2014
Thank you very much! We really appreciate this kind of comments too. Have a nice day.
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Gryf on March 19, 2014
Excellent video! Language barrier or not, just watching you guys in action says it all. And the Pulqui Jet is gorgeous. ;-)

Best regards,

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flitetest_argentina on March 19, 2014
Thank you very much Gry! Yes, that jet looks awsome. We will get a lot of more episodes in the coming week so wait for them! Thanks for the feedback, have a nice day.
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Waiting for next weekend...