Modified FT Versa Wing

by flashbrando | November 23, 2013 | (11) Posted in Projects

Hello all.

So, I've been doing the multirotor thing for a while and never considered planes as on option. My thought was that they were to complicated, hard to fly and required way to much space, which meant I would need to drive a long way out to find a decent place to fly.

But, on one random day this last summer I found the Flitetest site and got a glimps of how low the entry barrier for flying planes could actually be. And after watching some fpv vids with longer flying times then I was getting with the quad, I was more then intrigued. The first build video I watched was for the FT Versa Wing and I immediately wanted to build one. I had a couple of spare motors lying about from my quad copter as well as a few 9g servos from a camera gimbal I wasn't using anymore, I was most of the way there. So I built one, got all fancy with the colored packing tape and made it look awesome, only to completely destroy it over the next two weekends as I learned how to fly a plane. So I built another, and pretty much did the same thing, except this time I got in a few more weekends. The problem was that I would completely crumple the nose, and after it got too weak it was really hard to keep a battery in there any longer. So I had to come up with something that would stand up to my less then stellar noob flight skills.


I essentially took the plans for the Versa and added 4.5 inches to the middle bit in order to get a snub nose look.


I also filled the leading edge of the wing, infront of the spar, with expanding foam. This will hopefully keep the nose from crumpling and absorb some of the energy from an impact.


I also added a bit of balsa wood over the bottom seam in the center bay as I intended for this to be accessable. I hope this adds a touch of rigidity.


With all the electronics added, sans the low voltage alarm. I have since put magnets in to help keep the door closed and there is a strap that holds the battery down.



The Aero Scout on November 27, 2013
Sensational build, I do like the 'snub nose' wings. :)
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tbone on November 27, 2013
Nice one! Have you had any impacts yet? If so did the expanding foam help? I like the idea!
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flashbrando on November 27, 2013
Ya, I have. The center of gravity has probably changes since i made the wing wider so I've been trying to figure that out. I've taken a few solid hits and it seems to help. It definitely bounces more when it hits. :P
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Drezed on November 27, 2013
Take a look at this thread, and the associated calculator. I tried building a 70% version of the Versa Wing, but couldn't get enough weight forward to make the CG. I thought adding a center section would make it easier, but the center section actually move the CG even further forward, so I've put it on the back burner. Good luck and happy flying!

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Drezed on November 28, 2013
Guess it would help if I actually post the link, huh?

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Red20RC on November 27, 2013
Nice! I've just done exactly the same thing (article coming soon I hope - just waiting for the review). With mine I added a few inches to each wing and also added the center section with a recessed nose to take a GoPro and FPV gear.
I like the foam filling idea but it would just add too much weight to our already over-heavy Australian foam board,
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Jackson T on July 8, 2018
I agree, Australian foamboard is annoying!
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Red20RC on December 3, 2013
Incidentally, I just had a very "interesting" maiden flight on mine because I had either done my CG calculations wrong, or just measured from the wrong place.
I found this online calculator - - which is very handy. Turns out I was anywhere between 50mm and 80mm aft of where I should be - ouch.
I actually had the GoPro recording at the time so will probably put the footage up somewhere soon - stomach turning stuff it is!
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Javieruriel on December 20, 2013
I bougt a versa wing, But is realy hard to control it like a push, i thin k the verasa wing is for a fly experts.
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hbelanger on December 11, 2013
Can't wait to see the maiden flight ...! Nice job
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Hookdriver on December 22, 2013
Well wouldnt you know it. I literally closed up my versa about an hour ago. The expanding foam idea would have been used for sure! Good thing it is only about $3.00 to build another. If your center section idea works out it will be in the next build. Let us know how it flies once you get you cg sorted.
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Modified FT Versa Wing