NEW Micro UMX Cirrus SR22T BNF Basic from E-Flite!

by FliteTest | October 25, 2018 | (2) Posted in News

E-Flite has just released their brand new micro-sized Cirrus model based on their larger park flyer SR-22T. Here's more.

The Cirrus is an iconic symbol of general aviation across the world. Now, you can own an almost pocket-sized version of the famous SR22T thanks to E-Flite. Shipping in mid-November is this brushless UMX with all the features of its bigger bro for a very reasonable $129.99.

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So what are the main features of this new RC Cirrus model? Well, as usual from E-Flite, you can expect their signature SAFE Select and AS3X technology packed into the tiny airframe to give you a crisp, rewarding and predictable flight experience. It's really quite impressive that they include features like SAFE as any novice pilot will be able to take control with confidence. 

To give you an impression of what this little plane can do with air over its wings, check out this video produced by Horizon themselves. 


In terms of other key features that are packed away into this detailed scale airplane, here's a rundown of the main talking points. 

- Powerful 3600kv brushless outrunner

- Four channel control

- Steerable nose wheel

- Scale wheel pants

- LED wingtip lighting

- Clear windows and cockpit detail

- Three bladed prop and scale spinner

For those with a taste for scale flying, this might be the ideal model. 

What’s included? 

Firstly, in the box, you'll find the bind and fly (BNF) model itself. All you'll have to do is bind the pre-installed receiver to your radio to get flying. You will need your own battery, however, but if you've already got a UMX or two you'll probably have some lying around of the right size (180-300mAh 2s). 

It's worth noting that this is a licensed replica of Cirrus Aircraft's SR22T. The model has been recreated using CAD drawings to exactly capture every line of the real deal. It's like owning a real Cirrus that fits on your desk!

If you want to find out more, check out this model in the Flite Test Store. You can also check out the larger E-Flite 1500mm Cirrus SR-22T here.

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If you want us to review one of these in detail, let us know by posting a comment down below! 

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NEW Micro UMX Cirrus SR22T BNF Basic from E-Flite!