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-Foam Addict from the FT forums

Nic, you are an absolutely brilliant designer! I'm almost apologetic about not building your Mig 3, and now I have a P-39 to build as well. Both these designs should be in my squadron very soon!

-Povvercrazy from the FT forums

Great plane, the plans are just a work of art, the effort you (and sponz) put into your plans
is very awe inspiring and very professional looking.


Hi friends. 

The P39 was suggested to me by John Zach (jayz) after the FMS 980mm version was announced a few months back. I thought it looked cool and I liked the longer fuse and large hstab design. John and I both immediately commented that this plane could be a more advanced version of the nnMiG 3. A more stable flyer and potentially more aerobatic. I've been playing around with some new design concepts lately and wanted to incorporate them into this new build.

Here are some of the highlights:

NEW v2 nnSpeedWing
Stronger! Cleaner! True wing taper!
NEW Built in hatch
No more need to mod in a hatch, this design was heavily influenced by jayz's popular hatch mod.
NEW True airfoil tail feathers
The nnA-10 style speed tail feathers will now be a standard on my builds moving forward.
NEW Flaps
My first attempt at designing flaps worked out beautifully with my SpeedWing design.

If you like this design then perhaps you’ll like some of my others as well.




39.4in | 1000mm
33.3in | 821mm
Airframe - 14.9oz | 425g
Basic - 27.3oz | 775g
Speed - 37.9oz | 1075g



MOTOR - Turnigy D3530/14 1100kv (FliteTest Power Pack C)
PROP - 9x6 APC
ESC - Dynam 30a
BATTERY - 2200mah 3S
SERVOS - 6x 9g

MOTOR - Tacon Big Foot 10 1100kv 1100w (NTM 35-48 1100kv)
PROP - 10x10 APC
ESC - 80a Dynam
BATTERY - 3000 - 3300mah 4S
SERVOS - 6x EMAX Metal Gear


Beginner – You’ve never flown a plane before, let alone done a scratch build
Novice – You’ve flown a plane but have no experience with scratch building
Intermediate – You’ve flown and built a few FT style planes before
Advanced – You’ve mastered the standard FT build style and are looking for a new challenge
Expert – You’ve mastered all build techniques and aren't afraid to improvise or tackle tedious builds

The nnP-39 is an advanced build.


Strong intermediate


3 BBQ skewer
3 sheets DTFB
1 flat aluminum 1/16" x 1/2" x 24"
1 sheet poster board
1 2 liter bottle
1 FT Power Pod
Push rods
Control horns
Hot glue


Is the nnP-39 a swappable?

Will there be a build video?
As of right now, no. I took extra time to add detailed build instructions to the plans and this should be enough for most builders. If you have additional questions, please use the forum thread here.

How scale is the nnP-39?
All proportions are scale except the vstab. I increased it by about 10% for stability.

Is the nnP-39 a good plane for a beginner to fly?
No. It is an advanced build and requires an intermediate pilot to fly.

I only see a speed wing in the plans, will there be a basic wing also?

Do I have to add flaps?
Nope, they are fully optional.

There is a plane I want you to design, what’s the best way to suggest it to you?
Please use the request form here on my site.


nnP-39 Plans




Tips stalls at slow speed will occur. They aren’t very bad and with very little effort you can recover.

Wind performance is great. There are no issues in the wind at all.

You’ll need about half throttle to launch and landing is not bad on the basic electronics. If you’re running the Tacon motor launch and land with flaps.

Rolls, loops, and inverted are solid.

On the basic electronics slow speed is good. With flaps, it’s great. With the Tacon.. heck, why are you flying slow with the Tacon setup?

The nnP-39 has a unique look with the aft intake. I’ve gotten many compliments about how smoothly it tracks and gently it lands. The wing root fairings add a nice scale touch and help with aerodynamics. Like my nnMiG 3, the feel of the speedwing is like no other DTFB plane I’ve flown. You can really feel the weight of the plane. It doesn’t feel floaty or impacted by wind. It just does what you control it to do. The controls are responsive and crisp and the plane has follow through. Inputs carry weight and you can feel it as you fly. It’s not something you’ll encounter flying other DTFB planes.



The nnP-39 is a super sleek, extremely fast, and exciting plane to fly. Flight characteristics are solid but don’t expect a floaty trainer experience. This is an advanced build and will take a strong intermediate pilot to fly safely and well. The basic electronics provide very good performance and for those daring enough the Tacon setup will let you rip it at 120mph.

Thanks for checking out the nnP-39! If you built a nnP-39 and enjoyed it please consider donating a few bucks so I can buy more supplies to make more great planes.





jayz 84 on June 21, 2015
Absolutely awesome job on the video nic. I loved it. I really liked all the aerial fight views. You guys did a awsome job. And as always man you did a fantastic job on this design. It has become my most favorite plane to fly.
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nerdnic on June 21, 2015
Thanks John. Your testing was helpful and I appreciate you putting in the time. Thanks again man!
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Strix on June 21, 2015
Fantastic! Great job, Nic. I think this will be my next warbird. Replacing my Mustang is now on the back burner, LOL.

I'm going to paint my P-39 as Soviet ace Alexander Pokryshkin's '100'. http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t518/66misos/P-39%20Airacobra/Pokryshkin04_P-39no100.jpg
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nerdnic on June 21, 2015
Nice! Now this I can't wait to see!
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jamboree1 on June 21, 2015
This is the best NN design yet. Incredible scale looks and performance. Your chase cam video is awesome, i'm glad you implemented this in your videos
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nerdnic on June 21, 2015
Thank you! I feel like it's my most solid design yet. Hopefully I can convince Frank to do more air to air with me in the future :-)
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FliteGreg on June 21, 2015
Hi Nic, I salute the effort you invest into each one of your designs. Well done! On another topic, my 800mm Spit is in assembly process, with your recommended NTM 1800kv. Should be a mover!
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nerdnic on June 25, 2015
Nice! You're gonna love how fast that thing is.
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SP0NZ on June 23, 2015
Nic, you just keep getting better and better. Your work with DTFB is as inspiring as Flite Tests. Keep it up brother!
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nerdnic on June 25, 2015
:-) I appreciate that, Dan!
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Taylor on June 24, 2015
I love the P39 and I never thought of attempting one. This looks great. Thank you for sharing
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nerdnic on June 25, 2015
Taylor now you can make one, please post photos if you do.
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glenbr on August 16, 2015
Great job, I can give a Australian air force paint scheme.

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Rex227c on November 5, 2016
I don't know how to change the plans to tiled because I am just trying to make two parts the exhaust and the intake because I have so little foam and poster board.I was just curious if there was a tiled version .

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