Parkzone Mosquito Review/Flight

by MralexFpv | October 30, 2014 | (0) Posted in Reviews



This is the parkzone mosquito Bind and Fly basic from parkzone!

I can not stress enough how good this plane flies!!! It has great flight characteristics. It tracks like it's on rails, and its also very aerobatics! Loops, alerion rolls, cuban 8's, hammerheads, and other scale manuevers are possible with this airplane. It also slows down like crazy with the optional flaps and flies very fast with the optional retracts.



This airplane comes with all of the electronics pre installed which is amazing! All you need is a 4-6 channel radio, a 2200mh battery, perform basic assembly, and your good to go.

I would highly recomend this aircraft to anyone looking at getting into twin-engine scale airplanes. It has great scale details and panel lines that you cannot simply get from anyother twin-engined warbird on the market. I have been flying this aircraft for almost 8 months and its still in one piece and looks great, even with a few paint chips and dinges.


Here I have rated the aircraft in 4 different ways, than givin my overall rating.

Overall Apperance= 8.5/10 ( looks great out of the box, paint chips away easily)

Assembly= 9/10 ( easy to assemble plane and addons like retracts and flaps, wires are all ready in the plane ready to plug in and go. Tough to get the wings together though)

Durability= 9.5/10 ( I have not wrecked mine but seems to handle roll-over's and cartwheels well, I have heard that they are easy to glue back together with hot glue)

Flight Performance=9.5/10 ( Fly's amazing! Tracks straight like its on rails, very fast and aerobatic, BE CAREFULL IN SLOW TURNS BECAUSE ONE WING WILL STALL VERY QUICKLY!!!( TIP-STALL! )

OVERALL RATING= 9/10 ( Fun airplane to own and fly. Looks great on the workbench ore on your mom's dining room table showing off its glory!!!)


For more details on the Parkzone Mosquito, go to I want to thank you guys for watching and inspiring me to keep up the good work. Thanks flitetest for getting me into this hobby. 4 years now and many more to come.

Go check out Mralex10733 on youtube and make sure to comment, rate, and subscribe.






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Parkzone Mosquito Review/Flight