PS/RC Best moments 2016 (crashes comments and fun)

by Plane Stupid RC | January 7, 2017 | (4) Posted in Just Fun

After a very good year of flying (and crashing) we decided to put together a video of our best moments. We looked back through every video we had taken and took maybe two to three 3 second snippets from each one. We then strung them all together into an Imovie and the end product is here,

We have all enjoyed the year of 2016. Like Flite Test said, it has been the year of wings. All of which have been awsome, Spear and Mini arrow have both been brilliant to fly, build, and paint. 

Also the addition of Henry's Mini quad has been very good. It has allowed us to get awsome crisp air to air's and footage.

We also took the time to screen shot the success aswell and here are some of out best pictures,

Sunset shots Mini arrow air to air

Oops! That was close! Charlie's scout nearly gets a smashing

Misty morning shots From Henry's mini quad

An early year shot from a flyer All things bright and beautiful

Buzzard in the morning close up shot

2 pics from the MK1 Buzzard Got some height on there

Ft flyer landing mud goes flying

Mashed Mustang it was a bit muddy that night

Fresh Ft mustang looks brilliant

Good Landing! mud goes flying (again)

We would like to thank Flite Test for the work they have put in and what they have achived this year. As you can see 90% of all the models pictured there are FT models. 

This year has also been the beggining of our youtube channel which has also been a succsess.

We would like to thank all of our viewers weather it be article readers or youtube viewers for there valuable contributions through comments and subscription. We have taken everything into consideration and they have been brilliant for our development.

We asked Charlie what his favorite model was, He said the ''Ft scout because it is small, nippy agile and easy to fly for me being a begginer''.  Compared to the Mini Arrow because i can relax and let the plane do the work.

We asked Henry what his favorite model was and he said, The FT mini arrow because it is very fast and good for fpv. It is also cheap to build so your not scared of doing crazy things with it.

We asked Dan what his favorite model was and he said, The Big Bird. AKA the  Common buzzard, (link at bottom of article), because it is a change from ripping around. It is also so versatile for example long range fpv or footage yet it can also be a blast to fly. And it looks like a bird!

Our personal favorite model overall was the Ft mini arrow.

Thanks for a brilliant 2016 and roll on 2017

PS/RC crew.


wanabeRCexpert on January 23, 2017
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fireshovel on January 23, 2017
Lead on!
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Plane Stupid RC on January 24, 2017
We think our favorite picture is the one right at the top. Sunset mini arrow
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FoamTest on January 24, 2017
I made something similar to this about a week or 2 ago and edited it to some music, I can't wait for what this year will bring for the RC hobby.
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rahul12 on September 14, 2017
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Jackson T on June 10, 2018
My favorite photos are the ones of the buzzard. They look really cool with the mist, and the buzzard looks pretty real!
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PS/RC Best moments 2016 (crashes comments and fun)