giant rc paper airplane

by frederik | August 9, 2018 | (5) Posted in Projects

When I stared scratch building the only foam that I had here in Belgium was these white foam. It was twice as heavy as the ft foam but it was good enough for making some simple planes as the ft nut ball, the ft flyer and the ft 22 rapter. but when I tried to make a plane with a folded wing the plane became too heavy and wouldn’t  fly. Now I am very happy that Flite Test ships their products to Europe, I can use good ft foam that I can get from my local hobby store. I can make all ft planes without any problem! So, I still had one of these heavy foam plates and I thought “what should I do with it?” ,why not make a big rc paper airplane of it!


I made this plane in 3 hours and I started with making some simple plans on my pc.

I printed them out and put it on the foam with some glue spray and started with cutting it out.

I also 3D printed a simple motor mount that I easily can glue on to the foam.

The battery that I used was a small 1300mah 3s that I attached to the plane with some Velcro and secured it whit a tyrap. 

The cg I calculated with a really simple online cg calculator:

The maiden flite

The plane perfectly took off, it flew very good and it wasn’t too heavy even though it was made of the EU foam. It was pretty cool to see a huge paper airplane in the sky!


tomh on August 10, 2018
Nice job, sounds like it went better than mine. I made a similar sized one. I even penned in the blue lines, hole punches, and red margin lines lol! It flew erratically and eventually into a tree at high speed! Not my best build, but the novelty of a large paper airplane R/C made it worth the couple hours spent.
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giant rc paper airplane