Shinden Rocket Plane

by FliteTest | October 20, 2014 | (26) Posted in Just Fun

As some of you may know, our next planned release was going to be the Shinden. This has been one of the more difficult design to recreate into a good flying foamie. 

We have decided to push back the relase to give this plane the tender love and care it needs to actually fly well. We promise that when it is release it well be significantly less of a headache than it is currently. The wait will be worth it. 

We don't want to leave you high and dry so we are still going to have a release this month, but more on that later. 

With the constant redesigning of this plane we had more than a handfull of prototypes lying around. Instead of just throwing them out, Peter decided that we should make some use of them. 

How did he want to do that?

By strapping a rocket to it of course!

We tried to launch a rocket plane from a flying platform in the past, but it didn't work out so well. We had success launching from the ground but we still had the itch to take it off from the sky. 

Our favorite big boy, The Kraken, selflessly volunteered to haul the explosive strapped Shinden into the clouds. 

We got up to altitude, boot the Shinden out of the nest, and watched to see if it would fly. 


We we thrilled to see that the rocket worked without fail, but were slightly disappointed to see the final speed. 

We reached a max speed of 54.7 mph (88 km/h) with an E-Model rocket engine. Passable, but we wanted more. 

Bring in the F-Model rocket engine!

The last time David strapped this style rocket to a plane it disintegrated. All the more reason to try it again!

Well, I guess we should have saw that coming. 

To be fair, we did jury rig the motor because we did not have the correct ignitor. Our best guess is the lack of a long enough fuse being replaced by black powder didn't make the rocket very happy.

DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF! We want you to have all your fingers. It's easier to fly that way. 

We pulled all the shrapnel out of our Shinden and went back to work on the design. We had to come up with something to release in its place. 

With winter just around the corner for some of us we though this would be a much better time to release our minis!

We have been stewing on a few of these designs since earler this year and came up with a few more along the way.

There will be smaller versions of some of your favorite FliteTest designs along with a few you've never seen before. 

Even if winter doesn't visit you where you live (lucky you) these baby planes are great for flying around if you don't have a ton of room to do so. 

Keep your eyes peeled for these to show up in the store very, very soon. 


As always, thanks to the ones who asked for us to play with more rocket engines (Peter specifically loves you) and thanks for watching and supporting FliteTest!


hotroder69 on October 21, 2014
Remember it's never a FAILURE it's a "DESIGN REVISION"
Thanks for all the fun videos, you guy's are great to watch.
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FarmStormer on October 20, 2014
Very cool! I would like to see this with the big engine again.
Also can you make some sort of mini plane that you can fly in a medium sized living room?
Great job Flitetest! I look forward to seeing your videos every Monday and Wednesday. =]
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PropSpinner on October 20, 2014
Very cool!
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Willyspu on October 21, 2014
Last summer:
Bixler 2 Launches Rocket Glider:
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BigSexy on October 20, 2014
I hearby officially challenge Peter to create and successfully launch, fly, and preferably land a multi rocket setup attached to a plane! Not a multistage rocket but multiple rockets setting off in a timed succession to increase overall speed and duration of flight!

This is your mission if you choose to accept it.
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Imaxinar DM on October 20, 2014
"This tape will self destruct in 30 seconds" (yeah, I'm dating myself)
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Hell2Go on October 21, 2014
He should design it like a hotliner with a folding prop AND auxillary rockets. That way it would be multifunctional.
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Yogenh on October 20, 2014
I liked it. It was good like tom see it go faster
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DH.98 on October 21, 2014
Looking forward to see the Shinden fly again with a F motor and the correct igniter.
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johanjonker on October 21, 2014
I'm also eagerly waiting to hear more about these mini's..
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Lttakas on October 24, 2014
After 20 episodes I really thought flitetest lost the creative edge.i find myself less and less atracted to this site that's offering humble product review videos.its Seriously nice to see a second attempt on the rocket powered plane.its something that has only been done in first flitetest episodes that I truly,truly miss.Most of us have seen the Fpv to space,Edf jet with afterburners,rocket plane,mosquito Fpv cockpit,Edf Fpv,exe, all seriousness those episodes showed the only limit was our imagination.creating something unique and pushing the limits to what's possible was the best part about flitetest.i do miss the good old times,but I am glad to be reminded about the past.
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hydra on October 26, 2014
can you give us the free plan of the shinden
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cj_ace5 on November 8, 2014
Are there any plans?
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Holski77 on October 21, 2014
Tell us the troubles you are having getting the j7 in the air. Even if we can't help we would like to at least witness the problem solving. That's is where the good content is! :)
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Turbochanger on October 20, 2014
I liked it. Sometimes you have to do silly things to alieviate the boredom. OR to get the creative juices going.
My flying buddies and I are wondering why no one has created a Cessna Caravan model. The full-sized model flies very well. This would be a neat project. How about it guys. Are you up to the challenge?
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Grearson on October 21, 2014
Oh this one looks fun, i will build it =)
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LetsFlyRC on October 20, 2014
That is so awesome guys. Love it.
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Flymann on October 22, 2014
Great show but I want to see success with larger rocket engine. Peter can do it!
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Gsimpson2g on October 20, 2014
"rocket plannneeee!"
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mudman1959 on October 20, 2014
Nice! With a hot motor I bet it will scream! Next on the build table.... Ok I have a few to finish first but I'll put this one in the waiting line. Mudman1959
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Digital Wolf on October 20, 2014
When are the plans of the shinden comming? I wanna build it!
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ikarouav on October 20, 2014
Nice episode!
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Den4wa on October 20, 2014
Hey Guys,
Love the episode!!! As a long time model and high power rocket enthusiast I applaud your efforts to fly a rocket plane!!! A couple suggestions for a more successful flight with mid power F motor; 1) You are absolutely going to need the right igniter with that motor as it is APC grain motor and not black powder like the Estes E motor. The igniter needs to be inserted all the in to the front of grain for proper ignition or you will have another CATO like you just did :( ; 2) You also need use a 29mm motor mount tube with F motor and hot glue that in and fit the motor into motor mount tube, just hot on the motor will never work because those F motors get three times hotter than the black powder E's. Just hot glued in by itself, it will fire the rocket right the front of plane just like what happen to David. But I give guys an E for effort!!! ;)
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Flying Fox on October 20, 2014
Can't wait for the minis
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kah00na on October 20, 2014
I'm anxious for the minis! Bring them on! Give us some heads up about the motor specs so we can get them ordered!
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Kurt0326 on October 21, 2014
Yah, I thought you guys learned your lesson with the F motors last time... lol still explosions are fun too. :-)
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jstjern on October 21, 2014
Perfect platform for my next VTOL plane! Waiting for the plans...
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andrewb on April 4, 2015
Make a speed build kit!😀🙌🙋
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giorgiocap7 on February 1, 2015
When are the shinden free build plans going to be avaliable?
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ZonaDeVueloARG on April 8, 2015
when are the shinden free build plans going to be available?
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FliteGreg on January 18, 2015
I'm not convinced that the Shinden is good enough to become a flite test "product"... This is debatable... Of course, if the plans are ever released, many will build it, but IMHO there are better candidates out there to become the next "full-sized" Flite Test plane. (As opposed to "Minis" which a re super cool BTW!)
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Croom on August 10, 2015
And almost 1 year later, no Shinden. I really hope you guys will pull through with the FT Explorer (Which I have been waiting for FOREVER :))
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AlaskaWings on December 4, 2015
Wonderful design guys. May I make a suggestion on the design? From the photographs of the prototype above it appears it may be vertically unstable which could be solved by moving the vertical stabilizers to the outboard edges of the wings and increasing the surface area of them. In the photo they appear very close to where the center of lift would be on the aircraft. I'm not sure of the problems that you've had with the design but perhaps this will help the flying characteristics. Anyway, you've INSPIRED me to design and build my own! Thanks and take care.
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letsgofast11 on August 7, 2016
please give us free plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Coopshopping taxistas on April 17, 2020
eu sou do Brasil Fiz uma compra de um Aviões aí na loja não tenho como montar porque a loja não vende mais para o Brasil eu quero saber como é que vai ficar só por causa do prejuízo a loja tem que se pronunciar que não tá resolvendo meu problema Comprei cinco aviões aí tá faltando a parte elétrica e o controle
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Shinden Rocket Plane