Simple stick!

by The Hangar | November 18, 2020 | (4) Posted in Projects

I've been a fan of the ultra stick for a long time, and about two years ago I painted up a simple scout in the classic Hangar 9 30cc stick scheme.  That was my go-to plane for quite a while and it really went through a lot!  It made it through many crashes, but I eventually retired it because the servos were having a weird glitching issue.  After a while, I started to miss it and decided I wanted to revisit the project but this time make a couple changes to make it more tailored to my wish list.  My main goal was for it to use the swappable power pod since the short pod from the scout is hard to use in other swappable planes.  I started off by modifying the Simple scout wing to give it the shape of the ultra stick wing.  Then I designed the fuselage and tail section on foamboard and cut it all out.

However I lost interest in the project for several months, but thanks to a community build challenge that was taking place on the FT forums, I finally got back to it, finished hooking up the electronics, and took it for its maiden flight!  I let my buddy fly it afterward and we both agreed that it flew so well that it would be a shame not to make plans for it and let others enjoy the design! I got to work making plans and got them finished and published on the FT forums.  A lot of people built it and have enjoyed it, but I decided to post an article on here about it!  It's very easy to fly, and on a B pack with low throws, it makes a great trainer.  If you put a 4s in it and the C pack, you have a very aerobatic and capable hot rod that is a blast for experienced pilots to fly! 

Plan links available at the end of the article!

Here are the specs:

  • Power pack B or C motor
  • 30 - 40 amp esc
  • 4 9g servos
  • APC 9x6 prop
  • 2200 3s or 4s lipo
  • roughly 970mm wingspan


Huge thanks to @customrcmods for building and reviewing it!  Here's his video:



I hope you enjoy the design, and please let me know if you build one in the comments section or on the forums!

Full sized plans:

Tiled plans:


I just want to say I'm in no way trying to copy FT with this design - I started (and named) the project well before FT came out with their stick.


NYCBobby on December 8, 2020
Bravo. That is a sweet looking plane, nice plans too. It looks super fast to build and sweet in the air. Makes me want to build one. Well, winter is coming...
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The Hangar on December 9, 2020
Thanks! It would make an awesome winter plane - especially on a set of floats if you get any snow. ;)
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CrazyFastFlying on December 15, 2020
Looks like a great airplane! I still haven't build one yet, but I am planning to this winter...
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The Hangar on December 28, 2020
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connorsobo on February 5, 2021
Created a bunch of 3D print files to go along with this design. All available and explained out on Thingiverse here
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bird2jump on February 15, 2021
What 3D printing setup do you own to produce the amazing parts for your Simple Stick plane? Thanks for the great info and free plans., Bert
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connorsobo on February 21, 2021
I have a Creality Ender 3 pro. It's a great printer and relatively cheaper than most others on the market. All the parts are printed out of PLA and I am yet to have a single one fail on me.
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Excellent plane. Thanks! I built a modified design (added a few inches to the nose) out of white Maker Foam so that I could load it up with illumination. A 4S 1500 mAh up behind a C Pack motor, and an 3S 800 mAh battery driving two (2) 3 amp BECs to drive six 5V LED strips of various colors. I needed 2 BECs because though the total draw for the LEDs was 2.6 Amps, a "3 Amp" BEC can't supply that much current continuous without adding adding excitement during night flying in the form of a flaming fuselage. Two cheap 3 BECs sharing the load worked. All that extra weight required the extra nose length. But it flies fantastic. I am going to build another in "standard" form for aggressive day flying. Thanks again for sharing your design!
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Flyingpanman on July 6, 2021
Nice job. However, the original versions have a symmetrical airfoil on the wing and yours is a flat bottom type. Have you tried a fully symmetrical wing? I think you'll find it livens things up very nicely and becomes more aerobatic with very axial rolls and good inverted flight.
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carlyle623 on July 21, 2021
Thank you for the article and the plans. I'm looking forward to building one of these bad boys.
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fosterdadd on October 16, 2021
I cannot locate the patterns for the landing gear system and the small wing spars in either the full size plan or the tiled plans. Please make an addendum so we can build the Simple Stick with wheels.
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trangitsch on December 5, 2021
Just built this over the past few days. I am a little concerned about the amount of weight that I have had to add to the nose to get the CG correct. Not sure of others have found this or if I did something wrong in the tail build. Any advice?
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dangermouse650 on August 21, 2022
I just built this and maidened past weekend, mine was tail heavy, after looking at the videos here the tail on mine seems to be longer, i cut from the plans, doesn't look right to me. Anybody got a measurement from back of wing to tail?
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Pjb on August 8, 2023
Something definitely wrong with plans. Mine is also way too tail heavy! The weight required to balance this plane is far too great. After some investigating I came upon a 54" Ultra Stik plan by Charlie Fite. I did some extrapolations. Nose to leading edge dimension was bang on. Wing length was also bang on. Wing chord dimension was within 1/4'. The fuse on the other hand was 3" too long. In conclusion, this extra length is what causes the plane to be tail heavy.
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jkirk on October 26, 2022
Any build guide on this plane for a newbie here ?
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Simple stick!