Snow Hawk Part 3

by MESA RC | April 1, 2013 | (18) Posted in Projects

We received another round of snow again the other day and it was a perfect time to take the Snow Hawk out for some final tests. It flew great, however, we had a stabilizer go out on us during flight and it came crashing down.  The boys are already on the changes for the finalized version of the Snow Hawk, we are hoping to get plans done by the end of the month.  If you have any suggestions for the boys while they are head back to the drawing board, please leave a comment.

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Thank you,

Jake Marshall

MESArcFF Director


MESArcFF Productions:

Camera: Harrison and Nate

Pilot: Students

Editing: Zac and Joey

Director: Marshall


The boys talk about the Snow Hawk.


Take off!


Snow Hawk in the Sky!


Student pilots


Head back to the drawing board...


bwsinnett on April 9, 2013
Stop rating these videos badly they're amazing people!
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Snow Hawk Part 3