Snow Mission with the Sting Ray

by MESA RC | February 24, 2013 | (19) Posted in Projects

To The FliteTest Community:

The snow came to Colorado this past week and the latest planes of the MESArcFF crew have been put on hold; however, the one plane that has landing gear is our Sting Ray.  The basketball court was plowed and the FPV equipment was charged and ready to go.  The Sting Ray flew great and the kids attempted to fly out into the farm fields, the distance, 2,000 feet.  We did about half the distance, got scared of losing our Creative Grant project and came back.  The boys are wanting to purchase the clover leaf antenna to see if the results are different, when the funds come available we will attempt the farm land again.


Thank you for watching and supporting the MESArcFF Program.

For more information please visit us at


Jake Marshall

MESArcFF Director


MESArcFF Production

Camera: Da Mario

Pilot: MESArcFF Crew

Editing: Zac and Joey

Director: Marshall 


Mr. Marshall gives the Mission details to the students.


The take off!


Look at the snow!


Looks like a Sting Ray in the skies!


Students take over!


The landing with the troops protecting the Sting Ray from reaching the snow banks.


The boys talk about the antenna issue!


Corsair2014 on February 24, 2013
That's amazing looking plane!
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MESA RC on March 31, 2013
Thank you Corsair
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ronnie.burchfield. on March 3, 2013
i want to commend you for working with all those kids we need more people like you in this crazy world... keep up the good work guys cant wait to see your next video !! 2 thumbs up !!!!!
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MESA RC on March 31, 2013
Thanks Ronnie, as long as the kids want it, and our supporters push for more, we will fly until we can't fly no more!
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Adib Vahedi on February 25, 2013
Awesome u kids are luck I wish I have a teacher like that and I'm the same age as you guys!
Great idea and flying!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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MESA RC on March 31, 2013
Adib your the man!
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ParkHopper on February 27, 2013
Im glad to see theres a teacher out there teaching some new tech to the students. Uav's are the future and there is alot of opportunities to work in this field on the big toys.
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MESA RC on March 31, 2013
Thank you ParkHopper, these comments are the reason we push forward!
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Snow Mission with the Sting Ray