Soldering Battery Connectors

by FliteTest | December 15, 2010 | (20) Posted in Tips

A lot of you have asked for this... so we took the time to show you how we do it. Learning to solder battery connectors is essential in the RC world. So many brands of batteries! So many connectors! Just pick a connector style, buy a bunch of them, and solder away.

1. Only cut ONE WIRE at a time.
2. Use flux to prep your surface.
3. Slide on the heat shrink over the wire before you solder.
4. Make sure both surfaces are hot enough to accept the solder.
5. Don't get the connector lead too hot, or you'll melt the connector.
6. ABSOLUTELY double check you polarity.

Have fun and be careful.


windwalkerGA on February 11, 2013
Got any suggestions on how to keep the heat shrink from loosening and sliding down away from the solder joint?
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TomFlite on July 10, 2014
I guess you mean the heat-shrink from the battery connector end?

When you unplug, pull the plugs apart, not on the cables.
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Carbon on June 21, 2013
I remember when I was just starting to fly when this episode came out. I thought I'd never have to do it but here we are two years later and I can't count how many of these I've done. 300? 1000? Great episode guys, it really helped me out!
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HilldaFlyer on July 21, 2014
One tip I would suggest when soldering battery clips - keep the two ends (male and female) clipped together in a pair while soldering to avoid the male pins from moving out of alignment if the case gets a little too hot.
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jksbusiness on May 2, 2015
After cutting the positive wire, I noticed that Chad taped the exposed tip. Will the blue painters tape stop any harmful connections? He applied small heat shrink to each wire AND then covered the whole end of the XT60 connector with another piece of bigger heat shrink. What size heat shrink will cover each wire AND what size will cover the end of the XT60 connector?
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Soldering Battery Connectors