Spektrum IX12 - In Depth Look | FTP 183

by FliteTest | December 7, 2017 | (3) Posted in Podcasts

We got a chance to sit down with Steve Petrotto, Senior Brand Manager for Spektrum and Blade at Horizon Hobby. We wanted to dive a little deeper into the brand new Spektrum IX12 transmitter and talk about it's features and integrations. We are going to be shooting some video content with Steve very soon, so if you have questions about the transmitter we didn't cover or if there is some features you would like to see used on camera, leave us a comment below. 

Podcast Video 

Spektrum Product Video

Touchscreen & Android System

The most obvious change in the transmitter is the large touch screen. The screen is a full Android system that runs the Spektrum Airware app as well as any other program you might find beneficial. Lap timing, Spotify, Google, Facebook and plenty of integrations to come are at your fingertips on the flying field. We really like that the system was not restricted to just the Spektrum apps but the Google Play store is available. 

Module Support

Several of our team members have been using the TBS Crossfire with our DX9 transmitters for quite some time now but that functionality is now officially supported in the IX12. Also as indicated in the video, Horizon Hobby is going to be supporting DX9 users who would also like to make their TX compatible with long range systems. 

Adjustable Gimbals

Another new feature that we really like is the adjustable gimbals. You can adjust tension, travel and rachet without taking anything apart. The adjusters are hidden by small, hidden rubber access points. 

Transmitter Dimensions

We have yet to hold one in our hands but the feel is very similar to the popular DX9.

You can pre-order here - first shipment is expected mid-December! 


PropsnWings on December 7, 2017
Your link to "preorder" just takes me to your store, where I can enter my email address to be notified when you do have this in stock.
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FliteTest on December 7, 2017
There is a red 'Notify Me' button below the quantity selector - please allow the page to load completely.
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KC135 on December 8, 2017
We need iOS Support! When will iOS support be available?
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Spektrum IX12 - In Depth Look | FTP 183