Baby Blender: Spray-painting Experiments + Decals

by WizzyWiggs | February 18, 2013 | (14) Posted in Projects

Hello friends!

In this post I will be including my process of picking the color for spraying and applying decals for my winter project, Baby Blender.

To give a short history of my spray-painting skills: I have never spray-painted my planes. So far, I have built 3 amazing planes from Experimental Airlines' channel on YouTube and they all look amazing! This time I have decided to challenge myself and try something different with my coloring technique. In the worst case scenario, it will look like crap and I can learn from my mistakes :) So, if any of you guys feel like you can share some tips and advice about this process, please feel free to comment below.

I will probably be updating the post with the new images with the each progress I make. For this plane, I was trying to choose which spray paint to use, I love the orange that Josh has picked in his video but I was not able to find similar tone, so I went with Glossy Blood Orange from Walmart. You can see me testing the masking with it and the silver paint. I don't think I will be using silver because it came out too dark.

I would like to ask for your opinion and help me to decide which type of the decal pattern you like, at the end of the post.

I will really much appreciate it! I have numbered different patterns.

Thanks and hit me with any questions!




February 19th Update

After getting some great feedback from you guys, I understood that design #2 was most preferrable. I am not sure if it was clear but in this case, the white decal will go around the side AND will wrap around the top part of fuselage, making it almost a full body wrap which I don't mind, but it will take extra work to lign everything up. The text though is very tricky to make look in that shape as it is not very symmetrical. So, I have went clean style and crazy style to see the difference. Second choice is most funky, for sure.

I have decided to experiment with dual coloring spray painting for the fuse, I will be testing on couple of foam pieces and poster board, hopefully I will be able to film how I do it :)


Just totally random idea came to me when I looked at the curvy text I have created :)

February 21 Update

Okay, taking the fact that I have never spray-painted the foam planes before, I decided to create the test fuselages for the Baby Blender from scraps I had for that purpose only. I am using the poster board from one of the signs I had, the paper is very flexible and ligth enough, but it has text and some graphics printed on it, so I want to try painting White Gloss over and see if it covers it and also testing second fuse with just painting the Red and seeing if that covers the text.

I will be using the two test fuselages to test out my concept for the dual-color effect: the red and lighter Orange on top of fuse.

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of my progress.


Results of the Spray Painting Baby Blender Fuselage


March 9, 2013 - Finally Warm Enought to Paint the Plane Parts

Okay, finally this weekedn it's not -20 or 0 degrees, it was in mid 40s and I decided to fiinally finish all my painting stuff so I can put the plane together. Here you go, I have applied a light coat of orange on top of my fuselage, final results of masking and painting are below. I am making another short post about Adding a Pilot Cockpit :)

Next step is cutting decals and applying to the plane.


March 11: Laying Out Decals for the Plotter

This is what my files usually look like before I send it to the cutter.


strows on February 18, 2013
Im digging number 2 but nit with that font. Maybe font from number 1 but towards the tail.
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llharper on February 18, 2013
I agree with strows (above), #2 with font from #1. How about red instead of orange?
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WizzyWiggs on February 18, 2013
Thanks for feedback. Red definitely is one of the colors I am still deciding on. I love orange, it's my favorite color, but that red looks pretty sharp too. Maybe just for variety I can ave a red plane :)
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snowthief2 on February 19, 2013
1 looks AWSOME!!!

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Lubis on February 19, 2013
#2, but maybe with the third font on the text
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flyman on February 19, 2013
They look good but I think i like #2
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Sonicg on February 19, 2013
Nr 2 with the letters from nr1 and the bottom of the plane red, fading into an orange top.
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WizzyWiggs on February 19, 2013
Man, I was just thinking about it the other night. Any suggestions on how to achieve the multi-color effect? I have been using the packing tape technique for all my planes, so this will be the first time I attempt on spray painting my plane, I'm kinda nervous :) But, if you have good tutorial or reference i could learn from, I am most definitely looking into the combo of orange and red!
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RCmaniac on February 19, 2013
Thanks for sharing really helped me with painting!

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tophe75 on February 19, 2013
I Love number #2, as I have "all" my RC models to an orange/black/white, I might "borrow" this if/when I build my BB.
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WizzyWiggs on February 19, 2013
I plan on making a short video on me testing the dual-color spray painting on the fuselage. The colors as suggested by Sonicg : Blood Orange-Gloss (Red) on the bottom and lighter Orange-Gloss on top. Stay tuned.
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WizzyWiggs on February 19, 2013
So far, majority likes #2 with modified Font. I will be updating a screenshot with the new version today. Thanks for all the feedback! I will be including green version also for people who want to be funky with their planes :)
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Adib Vahedi on February 20, 2013
I liked number 1 better it just looks better but you can put #2 if you want

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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zev on February 23, 2013
2b is awsome!
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Rick Larson on March 9, 2014
Spray with grey automotive primer first and sand smooth, then apply colors of your choice. The finish will be of higher quality.
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Baby Blender: Spray-painting Experiments + Decals