So You Want To Start A Youtube Channel?

by JamesWhomsley | March 5, 2015 | (10) Posted in How To

A Lesson Taught From Lessons I'm Learning.

In an interest of having a prosperous YouTube channel, I have studied the work of YouTubers that have had success in growing an audience and gathering higher view counts. From my research, I have found certain universal traits that seem to lead to fruitful video sharing endeavors. I decided to share these findings in an attempt to help others create quality Youtube videos and start their own Youtube channels.  With that, I present to you my article.  Here are some quick tips and advice to get you started. 


Quick Tips

As a new Youtuber, I asked on the Flite Test forum for advice on how people should start their Youtube channels. Here is some advice from those who contributed.

1) Quality

The general consensus is this: Quality over quantity of publicising your account. Make great videos and your audience will find you. If you are not making the best content you know you can, then you will not have the audience that it is possible to have at that time. People are more likely to subscribe if you have really impressive and engaging content.

2) Make a lot of content

It is a good idea when you are just starting off to have a fair bit of content coming out of your channel. That way you have a lot of stuff for people to watch. It is not essential, especially if you are focusing on pure quality and not quantity, but it helps tell subscribers and your viewers that your channel is one to keep watching. 

3) Specialise  

Pick subjects for videos for specific audiences. Make sure your videos can be categorised into a specific area and you can target people who are interested in that. 

4) Start off general, get more specific

It is easiest to start of doing what other people have been doing, gaining an audience, and then going down a route you are passionate about. That way you can find your niche, your style and your own way of making videos. However, if you want a broader channel theme, maybe including other things aside from RC, this could work too, attracting a wider audience. 

5) Start a show or Series?

You could start some sort of show or series about your niche area of RC. This could help make your channel seem more professional. 


There are many examples of great Youtube channels out there that all have something unique about them. This diversity demonstrates how you don't have to be the same to be successful. Here are a few popular channels, that you have probably have heard of before, in order to demonstrate this and also to give you a bit of inspiration.



Daniel Riley has been making excellent content for many years now, now including a vast number of reviews, personal RC challenges, edits, builds and equipment related videos. For anyone who hasn't seen his channel yet, be warned that you may loose quite a few hours of your day catching up on what you have been missing!



Huge 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal for FS700 - RCTESTFLIGHT -

SweepWings Behemoth Maiden Flight - RCTESTFLIGHT



Experimental Airlines

Ed creates fantastic videos about his own designs. Like his aircraft, his channel has a unique style and character about it. He even runs the occasional competition for his viewers, offering prizes for the best aircraft design.


DONKEY RC Cargo Plane

TAPES for RC Airplane Construction

Synapse FPV Desert Aerial Video



Putting the tips to work

As an experiment, I decided that I would take the tips in this article and start a youtube channel dedicated to RC related content. Here is the result of my efforts with the first three videos on the channel. For these, I focused on making 'edits', short videos made up of edited together clips for the purpose of pure entertainment. I used examples of other Youtubers whilst focusing on a specific audience - The Flite Test family.


Chilled Winter FPV Flying | JAMESWHOM

RC Versa Wing Action (With Epic Slow Mo)

Onboard Wing FPV - Near Ground Epicness



These three videos are the beginning of something bigger I have planned for the channel. You could make a plan too. 

I intend to start making well produced overview videos to accompany my articles, created mainly for the Flite Test community, such as with my article on the Super Detailed FT Spitfire for example. These will probably be in a similar style to some of Flite Test's videos, but evolve into a more unique personal form as time progresses.

I will also appear more in my videos, using some of David Windestal's recent videos as an example to follow. I want to be making high quality videos with pieces to camera, sharing what I'm doing, using DSLR's and lighting. High end production like that.   

In the future, the channel may expand into a broader channel of general things I am into, such as film making, yet it will always have its origins in RC related content. 


Hopefully you have found this article helpful, informative and useful. Making a youtube channel is not hard, but making one which works successfully takes focus and careful direction to achieve what you want it to.

I feel I should point out that the content of this article is purely composed of mine and others non-expert opinions and views.  Think of it as a helpful guide written by a friend rather than someone who is a professional! I was trying to research the best ways to start a youtube channel and thought I would share for the common good of the Flite Test community.

As a final note, a big thank you to the following users on the forums who contributed to this article through their suggestions and tips. 

  • Nerdnic
  • ClearSkiesCalmWinds
  • Montiey
  • DharanFlyer
  • Snarls
  • Evan

Thank you for reading!


HarleyRev on March 15, 2015
Very nice article, enjoyed your videos too. I look forward to your future article submissions.
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JamesWhomsley on March 16, 2015
Thanks man :)
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grackle on March 17, 2015
Way cool, man. I've also decided that after making videos for myself, I might as well put them up on YouTube, so I've made my own channel too. Interesting to see the process. I've started playing around with editing more, and even got around to making a channel trailer and outros. FT is a great place to promote such a channel, though I've honestly not used it for mine very much, it's definately a good idea and great place. Good job, and great success!

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JamesWhomsley on March 20, 2015
That's great! Yes making videos is really good fun, RC and Film making go hand in hand after all - look at Flite Test! Thanks.
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BirdMan9876 on March 18, 2015
Awesome! I really like how you were able to give all these tips as if you were a professional, OH WAIT, you are so good you practically are one! Nice job, keep on making great videos!

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JamesWhomsley on March 20, 2015
Haha thanks for your comment man
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bobby41 on March 19, 2015
i'm going to make some wrap up videos like your winter fpv flying, it gave me inspiration on what i can do on my channel. Thanks a lot
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The Groundhog on June 17, 2015
Love it James!! I am doing a very similar thing at the moment! I am just starting up my channel, and I have followed all your tips so far! I need publicity!!! I am 15, also in the UK, and are trying to make videos broadly around videography, mainly GoPro footage, but I aim to move to bigger stuff soon. I am starting to focus on aerial video; my current airfare is a 400 size race quad, yet I have a gimbal platform in the works. Love your work!

Check out my channel here:

And here is my other channel, purely related to general RC endeavours:
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JamesWhomsley on July 28, 2015
Hi man, sorry I haven't read this until now, but thanks! I'll take a look at your channel right now :)
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RcRebel on June 21, 2015
Cool Video "The Groundhog" and yes! I am your first subscriber I have also been interested this is what I have so far.
and thanks JamesWhom
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JamesWhomsley on July 28, 2015
Yeah sure, I'll check out your channel now. :) I guess it's better to have strength in numbers when you're first starting out. Having connections with other people early on is great for helping to grow together.
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So You Want To Start A Youtube Channel?