The Best Tiny Whoop-New Bee Drone

by Nigel L | March 6, 2018 | (3) Posted in Reviews

The New Bee Drone Acro Whoop, one of the best Tiny Whoop style quads around. I've been flying tiny whoops for about a year and a half, and have tried several companies takes on them, but this kit is easily the best.

The Unicorn motors have Insane power, more so than the new Micro Motor Warehouse Ludicrous motors (which supplies to Jessie Perkins).

 The Cockroach frame is very durable, and takes hits very well. 

New Bee Drone's HV batteries are so much better than Tiny Whoop's. Their punch is extreme, and the battery life is actually very nice, all while providing a ton of power and no huge voltage drops.

The FC-VTX-Camera combo is amazing as well. It uses the standard 25mw camera with a replaceable Dipole antenna. The Camera also features and OSD, which has vital features such as flight time (armed) , battery voltage, RSSI, and more. The Flight Controller has one of the best stock tunes I've ever flown, and the whole V2 system is plug-n-play, so if your FC, VTX, or camera goes out (I've flown about 400 batteries and no issues) it can quickly be replaced in about 2 minutes. The total build also only lasts 5 minutes as well.

Also, for the best Tiny Whoop I've flown on the market, the price is very low, at about $135 for the full kit. There is also FRSky and DSMX boards, so both types of radios can be used. Another thing to be said is the receiver: I've flown through about 3 layers of concrete with almost zero video and have had zero brownouts as well.

In contrast, I've flown several Tiny Whoops from other companies and have tried many combinations, but I always have to come back to this because of the unparalleled performance, good flight times, and the OSD. 


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The Best Tiny Whoop-New Bee Drone