The V-Plane Airliner

by IC Aeronautics | May 22, 2021 | (3) Posted in Projects

To the Flite Test Community, 

It didn't take long for Josh to rebound from his World Record attempt, the whole team really hit their stride on this one.  From design, to flight, to filming the air to air, the students are really starting to get good. In this episode, Josh and Cedric take on the challenge of creating the concept V Plane Airliner. With actual EDF motors instead of cylinders with props at the end, the plane made for a smooth, quiet, and very fast aircraft. Look for Josh to release working plans for this one in the coming articles.

As always, thank you for watching and supporting the IC Aeronautics team. For more information about the Innovation Center


Ryan's RC on May 24, 2021
That is so awesome. Nice Job.
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AERODROME on May 25, 2021
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NYCBobby on May 28, 2021
The kids pull it off AGAIN!!! I've been following IC Aeronautics for some time, and you never fail to deliver. I love the progress the kids have made. This is one the best projects to date. This plane is so cool, seems to fly great, and it looks SO COOL. Congrats and thanks for sharing. Also, great aerial footage.
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The V-Plane Airliner