'Tis the season for cheap Battery Tie-Downs

by Jebnor | June 6, 2013 | (9) Posted in Tips

With the onset of gardening season, the home improvement stores are all stocked up with gardening items, once thought to be useless by us RC hobbyists. Not so!  Go look for "Plant ties."   The stuff I found came in a large 50' ( ~15m) roll for a couple dollars. Hooks on one side, loop on the other. Usually it's green, but I think it comes in a limited variety of colours. It's not really velcro, but it is hook and loop type material that is useful for battery mounting and other strapping applications.


Granted, it doesn't hold exceptionally well, but it is sufficient to use as battery hold downs.

I place matching velcro on my battery and powerpod to prevent the battery from shifting.  The plant tie/strapping type stuff is used to hold the battery tight.

In case you were wondering, I just threaded the straps through the bottom of my power pod and added a dollop of hot glue on the inside (bottom strap). This method allows continued full contact between the battery and the power pod. The zip-tie to the inside (top strap) doesn't work that well -- the battery looses contact with the main velcro and swings on the zip-tie.


I've been putting my FT Spitfire through it's paces and have not had any issues with battery movement.


As an added bonus, the stuff is so cheap it can be used to strap together your batteries for transporation.


Or Not.  I don't tell you what to do.


iLoveRC on June 6, 2013
that is good alternative!!
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craftydan on June 7, 2013
Plant ties, huh? I've used this same product (slightly darker green) sold as Christmas Garland wrap during Christmas season. Found a BUNCH of it on sale after the holidays for $0.25/pack a few years back -- bought too many, regretted not getting more.

Excellent product. Mostly used them for organizing cable runs. Amazingly strong hold, for what feels like a flimsy strip of nothing.

Good to know I can get them in the spring/summer!
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sailorJohn on June 7, 2013
I got something similar from HARBOR FRIEGHT in black . I think around $6. A good tip for passing around .thx
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StoneBlueAirlines on June 10, 2013
Very good stuff.

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leadpipe58 on June 15, 2013
great tip

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'Tis the season for cheap Battery Tie-Downs