Top 5 Beginner FT Planes

by FliteTest | May 2, 2018 | (4) Posted in Tips

So you're choosing your first airplane from Flite Test? Maybe you want to choose one for a friend? Here are five of the best for novice builders and novice flyers!

1. FT Simple Cub

Inspired by classic high wing designs, the FT Cub is a modern Flite Test take on those good old Cub style trainers.

These things are super easy and fun to fly. They're also a versatile option meaning that the aircraft can grow with you and your skill level. As you progress, you could add a float kit or even a bomb drop. This model is perfect for those out there who like that traditional look, small form factor and versatile flight envelope. Check out the all-in-one Get Started Package that includes everything you need to get flying (transmitter, battery, charger etc)!

2. FT Simple Scout

This airplane harks back to the early barnstorming days of the 1920s! With traditional styling and a straightforward build, the Simple Scout is a great beginner aircraft for those who love the look of classic airplanes. It can be built as a three channel or a four channel. It's also a fantastic platform for a Runcam FPV setup! If you wanted to get into this in the future, the Scout might be for you. 

The like the cub, the scout also comes as a Get Started Package

3. FT Tiny Trainer

This FT design is one of the simplest to build trainers out there. Comprised of a wing, fuselage and tail section, you can mix and match different wings and pods to your liking and skill level. If you wish, you could first build the Tiny Trainer as a simple chuck glider with just tail control to learn the basics of flight. 

When you want to advance, you can swap out the wings for a new pair that includes ailerons to give you full 3-axis control. Again, like with our other main beginner aircraft, you can purchase this plane with a Get Started Package

4. FT Mini Scout

Like its bigger brother, the Mini Scout combines classic lines with a simple build. With a 24 inch wingspan, this plane might be a good option for those without a lot of room to store or to fly (you can even pilot it indoors!). 

You can also fit this little plane with a micro FPV setup

5. 3 Pack (Nutball, Flyer and Delta)

The classic foam board Flite Test kit still holds up as a great option for new RC pilots. The three pack includes the Nutball, Flyer and Delta meaning that you can easily swap your electronics from one to the other depending on what flying experience you feel like having that day. 

Each airplane is super simple to build and comprises of only a few foam board components. As with the other airplanes in this list, you can use the electronics and swappable pod in other FT airplanes when you decide to expand your collection. 

The great thing about all of the foam board airplanes from Flite Test is that they are all relatively beginner friendly: common build techniques allow you to progress easily onto more complex models with ease. It's the same when it comes to flying: most of the FT designs have gentle stall characteristics and low wing loading making the flying experience a breeze! So what are you waiting for? 

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kilroy07 on May 2, 2018
Newbies take note, great Advice!
I started with some more complex designs (and failed) then came back to these (and had a blast!)
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Jackson T on May 2, 2018
I tried a mini sportster first, which failed miserably. I then tried an arrow, which flew great! I have tried other designs, but I can't seem to get any tractor style FT planes to work. Maybe it is the Australian foam's weight or something like that.
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RaptorZone on November 30, 2018
great! hope to build few planes, and buy some accessories. you are a great inspiration. keep up the good work! greeting from Sri Lanka! :)
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Top 5 Beginner FT Planes