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Josh, Josh, and our friend Peter got to check out this tiny version of the Radian.

The UMX Radian is a 3-channel with a nice strong carbon fiber spar. 

Because this little guy gets picked on by wind, the addition of the AS3X system gives it a little bit of muscle to fight back.

If you are an experienced pilot, turning the AS3X off will make this an even more enjoyable flyer. Cable sold seperately

We got the privilege to test these out at Balsa Bees which just so happens to be where Mr. Bixler began his journey into flight. 

 E-flite® UMX™ Radian offers all the fun of the larger ParkZone® Radian but in a much smaller package. 

The UMX Radian sailplane provides an amazingly calm flight experience, and the size lets you throw it in you car or even fly in a large indoor area.

Alex pulled off the extremely difficult double-UMX-sunglassed-glide-grab! Check the episode to see! (don't get too excited) 

Overall we were exremely happy with the perfomance of the UMX Radian. We were also happy with the fact that you can turn the AS3X off if you are confident in your flying skills and it actually flew a bit better without it. But, if you are new to the hobby the AS3X system will be your best friend. 

Also, if you are new to the hobby, we just created this thing called an eBay Collection! It's basically a list of planes and products that we recommend for pilots just starting out. 
Check out the Flite Test collection here!

For a chance to win a $25 eBay gift card:

- Create an eBay collection of your own.
- Post the URL link to your collection in the comments on YouTube!   
- We'll pick two winners on 07/02/2014.


Have you flown the UMX Radian or its big brother? What did you think? Chat it up in the forums! 


PaladinDG on June 23, 2014
I bought one of these 3 weeks ago... great little plane for the $$$. I didnt know you could program to turn of AS3X, Going to check that out right-a-way!! Thanks guys... you are always teaching us something new!
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mipi on June 23, 2014
I felt like watching an infomercial, or product video from Horizon's site
-What did you like about it and what you didn't
-What would you improve.
-If you are afraid to give any critic, don't call it a review
Come on guys, you can do better. Losing one swede cant drop the bar this low.
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Carmatious on June 23, 2014
There's a constant pattern where FliteTest falls apart every time David leaves.
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webbie on June 23, 2014
Unfortunately I agree.. there just doesn't seem to be the energy, yes the flitetest guys have a passion for what they do but the swede had an infectious energy which made the shows and even the review less robotic/infomercial and more "hey I'm one of you isn't this a blast" while still getting the information across
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Carmatious on June 25, 2014
Let's hold a pettiton or something of the sort to get Mr.Windestal back. Pardon the lack of the "a".
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rossmort on June 23, 2014
Looks like a lot of fun. It's going to be hard not to get one before flightfest!
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donnyb on June 23, 2014
Needed to complete 4+ channel DSM2- or DSMX-compatible transmitter. I think it's all good, with the exception of the radio system. I like horizon hobby stuff but for $89.00 they should throw a cheap transmitter in. Or give you the option of adding your own receiver like a frsky. Can it be hacked?

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hotwax on June 24, 2014
Not detailled look inside, then it is a commercial and not a review.

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Dingo on June 24, 2014
more a lets fly than a review
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carsonpauli on June 26, 2014
I disagree, they said it flew just like the full size radian with the as3x of you could always go watch that or listen to Josh Scotts comments about it with as3x on

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carsonpauli on June 26, 2014
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OCD RC on June 24, 2014
I love Flite Test but i thought this was a poor review. I know in the podcast they were talking about increasing the standards of quality for all Articles (which is the right direction to head in), the new site looks great now lets keep the high content quality.
I bought my Micro Radian for $99.99. The wing and tail aren't level, but that doesn't seem to matter because it flies wonderfully. I feel like the price point is a bit presumptuous, and that 10$ plus shipping for the cable to turn off the AS3X that's burning up my servos (by design, I'm sure) should be included at purchase. I live in Texas, and the supplied Velcro has weak adhesive that didn't last one flight in 90 degree temperatures, so plan on picking up some of your own if you don't already have some before hitting the field.
Once you get the plane in the air you'll forget anything negative you had to say about it. Flight characteristics are slow, gentle, and relaxed. You can actually just park the plane into the wind and it will sit there...motionless...literally. If you have any interest in gliders I would recommend picking this up. After flying it, I'm so pleased, I'll likely be picking up the larger Radian before the summer is out.
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rcflyer729 on June 29, 2014
I just got to fly one of these today and they fly so nice I am going to have to get one as soon as I can save the money. :)
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cshep70 on September 15, 2014
I love the way the AS3X system makes the UMX Radian fly like it's 3 times the size RIGHT UP UNTIL it catches an express elevator of slope lift here on Mt. Contingent and continues circling up on autopilot because it flew outside my 'parkflier' transmitter's range. A speck 500ft in the sky, slowly circling downwind. A big lumbering giant chasing on the ground behind. I thought I might need my car and a spotter...
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Dima44321 on October 9, 2014
I just got the Umx radian, and I am wondering what the yellow pieces of paper are for?
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MPSchenck on January 5, 2015
I think they are to "tape" the fuse back together if you have to cut the 2 halves apart.
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wanabeRCexpert on December 3, 2016
want one soooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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