Video Editing Basics

by jamiedco | February 28, 2013 | (8) Posted in Tips

Hello all 

in this article i will giving a few tips on improving your production value .

1. set your aspect ration . if you shoot your video in 4:3 then process it as so if its filmed in 16:9 then process it as such . if you process 16:9 video at 4:3 and then upload it to YouTube you will end up with a small section in the middle of the screen and it looks bad .here is a screen shot of how to change it .

2. Length a long video can be tedious to watch so don't make a 10min video that only has 3.5min of good footage . it is understandable if you are doing a tutorial but just flying around you don't need so much useless footage (i used to do the same thing in the beginning.

3. Music, when possible try sync the music to footage . it makes the video so much better.

4. Title and Credits its always nice to see a title or intro , it helps identify the production before it starts and also allows people to see the name of the video if its embedded on another site.credits are nice t as they allow you to mention all the people involved in the production .  

If i have forgotten any thing please feel free to comment and will add it in.

Here is my new video that employs all 4 aspects


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Mirabile Visu on February 28, 2013
Very good. How about a title at the start?
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NoUsername on March 1, 2013
Footage is good, music really needs to be changed.
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jamiedco on March 2, 2013
i know . i need to spend a bit of time and get some really good music for the videos .

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Adib Vahedi on March 3, 2013
No your music is alright!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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Video Editing Basics