Voro's RC School: Weeble Wobble

by VoroRC | February 27, 2013 | (8 Ratings) Posted in How To

This is a tutorial video on the "Weeble Wobble" This maneuver is fairly difficult to learn and master so take your time learning it. Before learning this, it would be a good idea to have already learned the "Rolling Harrier" and "Rolling Circles". Always try to learn this on low rates as slower motions make it easier to learn and keep up with the speed of the rolls.

Be the best idea to learn this on a simulator or an EPP foamie before taking it to your prized plane. If at anytime you fall out of sync with your rolls stop and recover.

If you have any video requests feel free to comment I'm always open to suggestions. Till then have fun flyin everyone!


apache64 on March 1, 2013
Great tutorial, keep them coming.. :-)
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Adib Vahedi on March 3, 2013
Thanks for teaching me!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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