Voro's RC School: Hovering & Torque Rolling

by VoroRC | February 7, 2013 | (12) Posted in How To

This is the newest episode of Voro's RC School. In this tutorial video, we learn how to hover and torque-roll. This is a very popular menuver known across the RC and 3d flying community. This is one of many 3d and flying tutorials I have made.


For anymore information on any tutorial feel free to comment down below or on my youtube page




I check daily and am always up to help anyone with questions or requests on the next tutorial video.


Thanks for watching, I wanna thank Flite-Test for everything they do and how many people they help. And have fun flyin'


ITCyoy543 on February 7, 2013
Sweet i just got a succesful hover on the simulator! Thanks :D

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StoneBlueAirlines on February 9, 2013
Learned something thanks.
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kenton on February 8, 2013
I enjoy how you break these maneuvers down into their basic steps. It is very helpful, thanks for the videos...keep it up!
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VoroRC on February 8, 2013
I wish this was like Face Book and "like" all the comments above :D. thanks for all the support gentlemen means a lot.
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3cellbrain on February 7, 2013
Excellent video!! Thanks!!
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Adib Vahedi on February 7, 2013
Great video this will help me a lot!!!!!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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casehatter on February 10, 2013
nice flying and good advice
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spetnazer on February 19, 2016
Hi...how much setting (.....%) in throtle, aileron, rudder, elevator, expo do you use? i use 50 % in throtle, 50% in rudder, 30 % aileron, and 50% in elevator, i still try and try but its very hard to make hover....please....pleaseee...pleaseeeeee....
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Voro's RC School: Hovering & Torque Rolling