Yak-130 MJ

by matjey | September 9, 2016 | (6) Posted in Projects

After building up the full fuse F-16 mid-pusher jet, I came up with another project and this time is the Yakovlev model. It is a 30" wingspan with KFM2 for the wing sandwich with wooden spar, powered by 2200kv Turnigy, 6x4 prop, 1800mah Lipo with 30A ESC. I love the design of the plane and the large wing area suits with my design intention that is to have a mid-pusher depron park flyer jet.

Starting out the design using sketchup and off to the cutting out plan. Laying out each pices on the depron sheet within a couple of hours and all seem pretty much fun and less time consuming. I'm using a total of 2 sheet depron for this project.

The design of the plane parts are a mixture of slotted and tab style method. Mixing them both seem an easy alternative for me and it speed my build process.


Joining the bottom plate and side duct using the slotted method.

Front nose assembly is using tabbing method.


For the finishing, I'm using an acrylic spray paint can and a bit of colored opp tape for the cockpit.

Side View.

Front View.

Bottom View

Cockpit area is large enough to be fit in with lipo batt. Easier access for your electronics too.

A large number of images in my build log can be view in rcgroups where a details explaination were stated in my post. You can check it out here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2729215

The Maiden Video:

First maiden with a heavy lipo:


Second maiden with lighter lipo: 




It is indeed an easy build with this one and you can get on flying with no time. I flew it using 2200kv motor and for the first maiden, the plane does not have enough thrust to climb. Changed it to 1500mah lipo then only it start to flew well. For the colouring, be sure you didn't end up like me where the opp tape eat the color away. This has led me to loose my elevator and aileron during the control horn assembly. You should finish everything first including the control horn assembly, servo placement, wires, and hinges before you give it a color spray. Another words of caution, be sure to bevel the KFM2 nicely to make it less drag and in same time improve the lift.

The Plan:

Yakovlev 130 MJ full page plan


topper60 on September 18, 2016
very interesting but at what scale do you print your plan because it's one page only.bravo
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matjey on September 18, 2016
hi topper. I printed it using a tile format onto A4 paper. Need to do some tweaking on the printer dialog box. In terms of scale, just leave it as 100% if you printing same method as I am. Turn out the total of A4 paper is around 24 sheets that's need to tape together.
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spetnazer on September 18, 2016
Hi Matjev ... I followed your thread. Thank you for share your plans. The design is very nice and easy to build ...Keep Build!!!
i have a little question... if for electronics, motor 2200kv, 40A esc, prop 6x4, batre 2200mAh 3s. whether it has been able to lift?

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matjey on September 18, 2016
hi spetnazer. Would love to see you building it too and give some comments on your built. For this Yak 130 MJ, I would not recommend that setup as it reduce the ability for this plane to climb well. Should stick to 1500mah lipo. If you planning on using 2200mah lipo, be sure you equipped it with NTM 28-36 2200kv instead of Turnigy 2826-6 2200kv.
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alibopo on September 19, 2016
Hi Matjey, that looks a seriously nice flyer, with a big flight envelope. Fast is fine, but when do you get a chance to enjoy the plane in flight? Nice work! I'll tell you one other thing that caught my eye in one of your stills - that biplane hanging over the window. What's the history behind that? It looks a mix of slow fly and high manoeuvrability - 3D? Cheers, alibopo.
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matjey on September 19, 2016
Hi Alibopo. Fast is indeed an enjoyable. I used to fly fast plane but due to my poor eyes sight lately, fast is not my thingy now :(. Oh that Bi-Plane hanging were my past project. Creating something that can agile for my 3D practice. Temporarily I hang it there to give room for my Park Jets craving.
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hsiaochung on October 13, 2016
dear matjey

could you take a picture
how to attach motor on the motor mount
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matjey on October 13, 2016
I won't be able to comment with the picture here.
Once you have assembled the fuselage area and not glue the top motor mount, thing should be easier.

You need to hot glue the flat motor mount (#2) to the vertical motor mount (#1) first to the fuselage assembly. Then get your motor screwed onto the hardwood / plywood. Once both parts are ready, hot glue them both to the fuselage end.

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homey on November 9, 2017
Hey matjey,

Built in one day. All dtf. Nice low parts count. I'm going with a 2x4 setup, 2600kv motor, 6x3e prop, 40a esc and will start with an 1800 3s. Thanks very much.


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matjey on November 9, 2017
Hi Peter. I was hoping someone will come up with a 3mm depron sheet instead of 6mm. But any materials is good as long it is lighter and stiff. Your setup shud give a lot of scream there. Be sure to upload your flight video. Cheers.
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homey on December 17, 2017

I've had lots of success with this design. Thanks very much!

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Yak-130 MJ