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February 1, 2016 | | 22,425 Views

Step by step to building the Versacopter V.2 DIY Race Drone.


FliteTest (94)

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September 24, 2015 | | 14,363 Views

Josh shows you everything you want to know about setting up the Naze32 for peak race quad performance.


FliteTest (94)

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September 23, 2015 | | 14,034 Views

Josh shows step-by-step how to setup the race quad version of the FT VersaCopter!


FliteTest (94)

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September 22, 2015 | | 34,988 Views

Introducing the VersaCopter - 280 Quad Frame Kit. A DIY quad frame kit with integrated power distribution.


FliteTest (94)

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May 13, 2016 | 3,007 Views

Video of my Flitetest versacopter.


rcflyer96 (57)

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February 21, 2017 | 878 Views

Looking for a cheap frame that performs well? I have your back with this review of the LHI H280 Frame!


pilotofnothing (19)

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FT Versacopter G10 upgraded crash kit, what are these things and where do they go?

Got my G10 upgraded crash kit in the mail today. Really impressed with the G10, feels like it'll take a serious beating. My question is what are these new pieces that came with it. What do they do amd where do they get installed? I'm probably gonna h...

FT Versacopter: mounting motors in an angle?

Hi! As soon as I have the money I'll order the Versacopter V2.0. The motor mounts on the carbon tubes got me thinking because there are also angle mount kits for flat plate motor mounts for other racing quadcopters. So my questions are: How does th...

FT VersaCopter (v2) - E-packs for Europe

I'm wondering to assemble the FT VersaCopter. I'm from Europe, so I can buy the kit from the Graupner website. But concerning the motor/ESC/props (packs), we can't rely on the E-Pack bundles from the FT store. Therefore my question, what are your sug...

FT Versacopter vs ZMR250

Hello World! I've been following the RC community for a very long time and only recently physically jumped into the RC world. Through training on a flight simulator and with the Blade Inductrix, I have become decently proficient in piloting quadcopte...

FT Versacopter for AP or Blade Chroma BNF

Looking for advice, should I build AP Versacopter or chroma BNF? not looking to spend thousands just want a good platform for filming up at the cabin. Tried using my 200 qx and way to much jello effect. Thanks, hope everyone had a good xmas...

ft versacopter battery?

I am thinking about buying the ft-versacopter but I don't know what size battery I should get I have been practicing on the simulator and I would like to be able to race and do some freestyle once I get good enough. Thank you for your help....

FT Versacopter V2

I have recently built the FT Versacopter V2. I used the "Better" E-Pack, the lumenier 4s 2250mah lipo, and the graupner radio that is used in the build video. These are all parts that are recommended by Flitetest. I have built the quad, but something...

Learning to Fly Mini Quad FPV With the FT Versacopter

After flying fixed wing FPV a little I've decided to try my hand at flying FPV with a mini quad and I wanted to start a thread detailing my adventures in learning to fly FPV with the FT Versacopter. I ordered some parts from Flite Test and everythin...