044 Inside ROTOR DR1 w/Chad Kapper

by FliteTest | September 23, 2014 | (8) Posted in Podcasts

Have you heard about Stone Kap's new project called "ROTOR DR1"? In this episode we pull in Chad Kapper and Eric Monroe to get the behind the scene details of this new and exciting web series.

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nasaguy86 on September 24, 2014
Hi Chad, speaking of locations, if you would like to shoot at NASA Goddard in MD, let me know. I'm a 3d animator with our media group and have access to non public spaces...

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HorrifiedPilot on September 24, 2014
I must say, excellent work on the drone design. It is awesome!
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jollyswagman on September 26, 2014
Great idea to include Paul and Thomas Bitmata, love their work.
Needless to say Dave W would also be great - what about shooting in Canada??
I guess the budget might not stretch that far but it would be good to spend some money up there and let your local congressman/woman/senator know about it!
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F14 pilot on September 29, 2014
my be you could incorporate some ground drones. eg, rovers,cars,tracked vehclies,house servants.
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044 Inside ROTOR DR1 w/Chad Kapper