FMS Easy Trainer 1280 - REVIEW

by FliteTest | September 23, 2014 | (10) Posted in Reviews

Josh and Peter review the FMS Easy Trainer 1280mm from Diamond Hobby.

Waiting for the Bix 3 to arrive, we decided to purchase and review another airplane, the FMS Easy Trainer.

There are many options available for pusher/trainer airplanes.  Leave us a comment of your favorite one!

Josh felt like the 1280 Easy Trainer handled very similar to a Bixler v1.

Both Peter and Josh agreed that the FMS Trainer handled great and would be a good trainer airplane.

One cool feature are the wing pins that lock the EPO wings in place.

Learn more about the FMS 1280 Easy Trainer at

Please comment with your favorite trainer airplane! Also, let us know what you would like to see on Flite Test!!

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BigSexy on September 23, 2014
I love Peter's sometimes "brutal honesty"! Great review guys. I love watching you guys. Can we have more destruction and things we shouldn't "try at home"? Even though we would! Awesome
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Ano Pilot on September 28, 2014
For myself, I don't like to see nicely built aircraft pointlessly destroyed. I would have thought that there must be poorer people who find it unwatchable. Also, combat with scratch built foamies is one thing, but when people start using expensive bought models ( eg Carbon Cub ) it's a bit sick in my opinion. We've had messages left on podcasts by people who say they can't afford to put a radio into an aircraft. Anyway, it's a thought.

I agree about Peter.
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lark95 on September 23, 2014
great review, would love to see some more of the ams planes reviewed.
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sleb on September 23, 2014
Those were great touch and stays!
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Kammo on September 23, 2014
love the review but still like my bixler... Where are the FT planes? Waiting for the warbirds especially the corsair!!!!!
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Freaky_1 on September 23, 2014
Love the easy trainer 1280!!!
Bought it at SEFF 2014 from diamond. Was expecting something along the lines of good enough and was surprised to find it to be a great plane.

As with anything, there are shortcomings. The ailerons are somewhat anemic as stock, but I find stock settings perfect for training. More advanced pilots will want to add more throw, even maxed works well. Adding a little to the trailing edge makes it amazingly responsive should you choose.

I got the RTF. don't follow my mistake unless you have need for a cheap rx/tx and 2s 1300 lipo for other uses. The recommended 2s 1300 is extremely anemic and leaves a need for adding weight to the nose for CG. Ours works out well with a 3s 2200. Didn't require any adjustment for CG with the 3s all the way forward (fits perfectly but snug).
For what it's worth, I couldn't find specs so I dug in and looked up specs for each component.

The esc is rated to at least 3s (can't remember exact, but 3s did fall into its specs). The outrunner is rated 2s-3s.

As with most it not all foam hinged control surfaces, work them by hand to loosen them up before powering. Lastly, mind your wire routing around the servos and pushrods. I like to put "velcro" tabs down to hold them to the floor and still be easily moved or removed.

I've experienced no failures and the other 3 local planes have held up exceptionally well too. No servo failures. One did start to wear out the elevator hinge and replaced it with pin type hinges (pennies and something I feel should be in any foamy pilot's kit.

In short, I was expecting a simple trainer plane and have found it to be one of my favorite flyers.
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Freaky_1 on September 23, 2014
Oh forgot to add that you REALLY want to heed their launch advice. Mixing some up elevator with greater than 50% throttle would probably negate the need, but I fid it fine as stock (ok so i've not gotten into figuring mixes out on these new fangled radios yet)
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earthsciteach on September 23, 2014
*******CHALLENGE IDEA*********

What: Maximum Speed Bixler Challenge

Who: Josh B. vs Peter vs Eric

How: Build the fastest Bixler you can fly. Anything under 100 mph and you should hang your head in shame. Fastest Bixler, measured in level flight, wins.

Stipulations: Power sources must be reusable (i.e., no rocket motors). Any modifications to the airframe are a go.

Step it up a level: If you are clever AND brave, winner is determined by a combination of the fastest aircraft as measured described above AND the plane that remains aloft the longest. Throttle MUST be at full position from the time it is launched until the esc shuts down the motor.
I can come up with a formula, if you like. Naturally, I'll weight the time aloft thing to make the challenge more difficult. I'm a jerk that way. ;-)
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RC Cola on September 23, 2014
I got this plane RTF as my first plane with the 1300 mah 2 cell and it worked just fine did loops roles and inverted flight. All the same, just like Josh I stuck a 1 amp 3 cell in there much more fun once you get passed being a beginner. Also, what josh doesn't cover is how these things do with crashes, that nose doesn't give a ton of room for a batter but it took several good crashed to finally destroy it, instead of the first nose dive on something like a hawksky.
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Paulshort on September 23, 2014
You guys should review the HK skua survailance plane
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casehatter on September 24, 2014
This type of plane is great for FPV but I do like landing and taking off though by the screen not a goggles guy. Good to see you on plane reviews and about time for a pusher from you guys on the EA (Ed's) type with your twist. Winter projects coming up but I fly planes and all year long.Also check out the Zigolo MG12 the spin off from Adam Sandler's Red Goat . Would be a good build.
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Ano Pilot on September 28, 2014
Excellent, a test-flight from Flite-Test. I'm in the UK so I wouldn't buy one of these, plus they sound particularly noisy and that would bother me.
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robmurtha on September 30, 2014
Nice review can I ask what camera / post process did you use for the FPV view with the nose, very nice looking footage.
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Dari on October 13, 2014
Hello Flitetest i have order the Bix 3.
And its to low power.
Can i use the plane with a 4s?
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khushal60 on August 29, 2016
Hi, Does this plane have enough space to acquire a Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack
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FMS Easy Trainer 1280 - REVIEW