097 Tech talk with David

by FliteTest | December 3, 2015 | (8) Posted in Podcasts

You asked for it  and we listened so here it is our new segment "Tech talk with David." Your technical questions answered by everyone's favorite Swede David Windestal. Let us know what you think and thanks for listening



Audio Link

a couple pics of Davids new art work in his front yard

David's new YouTube channel Slow Mo Time.


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Digital Wolf on December 4, 2015
Thanks for the shoutout guys!!!!! I really appreciate that! Great podcast again!
Please also look al my youtube channel i m starting to make more rc videos:

Fly safe, Land safe and have a nice day!
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TimmyGT on December 4, 2015
David, your place looks amazing, I love it!
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andre on December 4, 2015
After all these years I finally had a chance to talk to David. Made my day!
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Merrixs on December 4, 2015
Any chance we could get just a few more show notes about some of the other web sites you guys talked about? Thanks
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josephandrew on December 7, 2015
Great podcasts guys! David's new channel is awesome
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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on December 7, 2015
C'mon Mike! Get back on the podcast!
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apnewton on December 8, 2015
One of your best podcasts Chris, Dave and Andre. Great format, please do more.
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andre on December 9, 2015
Thank you. Means a lot.
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donnyb on December 10, 2015
Awesome podcast. I really enjoyed it. Also I think Dave should build a giant logo for his front yard. I had a similar fly away. I received part of my quad back, it was a dodgy solder weld in the receiver antenna. It was a Flysky Needless to say, All my receivers been converted to FRSKY!
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rcwingman on January 12, 2016
I love that idea of Andre and David talking about tech stuff. Only Peter is missing... Well done chris
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097 Tech talk with David