Intermediate FPV

by FliteTest | April 25, 2012 | (27 Ratings) Posted in Projects

In this episode of Flite Test, Josh, Josh, and Chad teach us about Intermediate FPV! Cloverleaf antennas, GoPro Cameras, and a new pair of Fat Shark goggles really help Josh Scott fly FPV. Watch to see more.

 GoPro Cable Diagram

What we used:
Hobbyking Bixler EPO 1400mm (KIT)

GoPro HD Hero 2

Fat Shark Predator FPV Headset System

900MHZ 200mW Tx/Rx

The Cloverleaf Antenna


Here is a link to Steve Parker's version of the Bixler Camera mount: 





Here's some more resources to help get you started in FPV:






Esd on May 14, 2012
Don't forget! Eric STD!!!
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TPicinich on May 8, 2012
Besides great info and areal shots, huge belly laugh from the closing screen text note.
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pyc789 on May 1, 2012
can you guys make a video how to set the fpv up pls thx
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pyc789 on May 1, 2012
i love your show its the best ever i have a big proplem doing the fpv stuff

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Esd on May 14, 2012
Very Good Airframe. I lost one in a crash.
Got some issues with the Bixler but after analysis... the crash was not related to the product. The crash was related to obstruction of a aileron servo. See the great short vids regarding linkages by Chad and David and I left a comment
My 2nd Bixler is almost ready to be maiden.
The config:
- Bixler stock motor with(Master Air Screw 3 blades 6x4 pusher prop)
- 35 Amps ESC (2Amps BEC)
- Turnigy 2.6 (will be located closely under the wing for CG)
- 3DR Bixler chassis (for APM, Radio Tx, AirSpeed sensor)
- Go Pro (located just fwd the canopy, othewise blocking GPS antenna). CG corrected by pushing back Lipos far back... uneder the wing.
- APM2 (3DR AutoPilot)
- 3DR XBee Telemetry (APM2 Mavelink) Tx 900Mhz
- Immersion RC 5.8 Ghz 600 mw Audio/VideoTx
- 3DR MinimOSD (display MaveLink)
- Radio gear Spektrum DX8/AR8000 receiver.
Ground Station:
- Fatshark Dominator (5.8 audio/video Rx) connected to Sony DRV-38 tape DVR... I'm not doing real FPV at this time... using the OSD+Vids infos for flight analysis.
- Xbee USB 900Mhz adapter (Telemetry)
- Ground station Software: Michael Oborne's master piece: Mission Planner.

And of course I ordered and receive by HK, 2 Bicler kits so I can break some bones during this summer... Summer is quite short in Canada.

Love your show FliteTest!
Please stop buzing me!
And if I'm just a bit paranoid and I'm not THE Eric.
Please say a word on your next videos on filte test.
Call me... Eric STD!

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ilovefpv on May 2, 2012
Great Episode! Definitely the right "next step" for Bixler owners looking to get into FPV.. I've got the Fat Shark Predators too - and they're very nice...

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casehatter on November 12, 2012
Hey guys thanks for plug lay outs and stuff I was in need thanks for the RC stuff and the reviews. Great site LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!
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FatuloRacing on November 14, 2013
What is the size of the prop that you mention on the video that you change on the blixer?
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FatuloRacing on November 15, 2013
What material use for the front of the blister to take black?
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2bflown on June 18, 2015
at what angle do you guys fly with your camera???

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