Aeritalia G-222 - Scratchbuild

by AeroErgo | May 7, 2019 | (8) Posted in Projects

Hi everyone!!

Today i want to show my last project, an AERITALIA G-222 , the base plane for the development of C-27J Spartan.

This was custom made for a guy who wanted the AE-260 from Aviación del Ejército Argentino  (Argentinian Army Aviation) the original plane was long time out of service, and the future pilot ask me for some brilliant colors on the wing tips and tail because the original scheme was full olive green. He ask for a practicable cargo ramp and no flaps.

This plane as you can see it´s a twin engine aircraft, so we have to think in cables... a lot o them! you will see it in the pictures. 

So let´s go to them!

Many people ask me for plans but sorry, i just make this patterns to start to build, and then i make the pieces as the build progress ... 

The idea was make a plane with the most useful internal space posible. So the full cargo deck must be free of any obstruction. I decide to build the fuselage as the original plane, square internal, rounded outside. This allow me to put all the wires, servos and reinforcements outside the cargo compartment. 

The cargo hull is 10x10 cm. 

9grs servos of the most common ones for all the plane.

Now i add the horizontal stabilizer on a "shoulder"as the original plane have.

Add the tail servos and the vertical fin... oh yes, that corner of the workshop is a mess...

Great!, full cargo space without anything inside.

Let´s start with the wing.... one piece, mounted in the fuselaje with a plastic bolt. As you may see, the wing will mount double spar until the engine nacelles and full spar until the tips. Main spar it´s a balsa/plywood sandwich and no diedro, for simple construction. In the air the wing it´s flexible enough to hold the g-forces. 

Inside the center part of the wing. That plywood should be enough for the work.

Now the engine nacelles, i used 1Kg trust motors, (actually just 720grs at 3S) and common 30A Escs. 

Something very important on the look of the twin planes, the cowls, plastic bottle technique:

And finally the nose,  made it in a packaging foam and carved until get the shape. Also after that some wood paste patty for carpenters. And sand.... a lot of sand paper!!!

Now let´s go to put all the things together and the foam sides : (the landing gears too!!)

Also you can see the cargo door servo was placed below the cargo deck, hidden behind the main wheels. The nose landing gear has suspension by two springs.

Also some LEDs :


Maiden flight TIMEEEEE!:

The maiden flight was a total success, the planes who where build it with care and love always pay with a great flight.

Now is time for improvements: 

Total weight: 1590grs

And painting !!! 

This is how finally looks:

Btw, the third fly of the plane was my first flight "with public" in the local airport  anniversary they invite some guys who practice the hobby.

So here is a great video of the event made it by my friends Alejandro and Cristian.

I hope you like the building process and enjoy the videos, as much as i do. 

See you next time!!!!



HardWork on May 7, 2019
Excellent work. Very well done.
I liked very much the finish of the cowlings of the engines and nose.
And the paint job gives it a different touch.
Thumbs up.
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AeroErgo on May 7, 2019
Thanks! The idea was make a good looking plane for the guy that ask for it.

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Jackson T on May 8, 2019
Nice one! How did you make the cowlings?
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AeroErgo on May 8, 2019
Thanks, i use PET plastic bottles, and a wood or foam mold and i apply hot air gun.
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NYCBobby on June 23, 2019
That is absolutely tremendous. You went all out on that project and it was worth it. Just a great plane so well executed. Bravo.
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AeroErgo on June 26, 2019
Thanks!, now i have to make a new one, just like this, maybe i will have the chance to upgrade the build process.
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Aeritalia G-222 - Scratchbuild