BackPack FT Spitfire

by BackPackModels | October 20, 2013 | (5) Posted in Projects


Do you know that moment when you see a great looking plane, think that it flies just well but don´t want to buy it because it´s too big for transport and storage? On this point, you should build the FT Spitfire, surely in a BackPack Version!

All Parts are less than 80 cm long, perfect for BackPack transportation and it still flies like a true Spitfire, maybe even better.

Here, you can see the final removable wingtip. 2 symmetrical parts would have been difficult to build due to the V shape of the wing.

All you need are small 2mm Carbon spars and 2mm aluminium pipes  for holding the construction. First, cut them in lengh, 10cm on each side of the cut should be just right. Then, take a bit of hot glue an secure the aluminium parts on your plane. One on the edge and one directly behind the spar are giving it a nice strengh.

On the other side (now the side of the cut-off wingtip due to save some weight), glue in the carbon spars, already sticking in the aluminium on the other side to line them up. Only use a bit of glue to be able to change something if it does not fit right. The best way is to do all of these steps before folding over your airfoil when building. This way, you can now cut your wing in half but try to be as accurate as possible.

When everything works as the way you want it to, use more glue to fix it nicely. Glue the spars and the pipes up to the very edge of each spot to prevent jiggling of your wingtip.

Now, glue in a servo extension to plug in your servo at the field. Also you can tighten a magnet (you have to use a very strong one or at best several of them) to secure the wing from sliding off.

If you don´t want to risk your plane, use some tape on the bottom to fix it. The big strap sticks to the plane to protect your painting, the upper and smaller ones can be removed after flying.

Finally, leave your car at home, look for a BackPack and go to the flying field by bike or by foot :)

 Finally, sorry for any bad English, I´m from Germany ;)


adergotardo on October 21, 2013
LOL! I'll try it!
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LordVader on October 21, 2013
That's really cool. Like how you utilize aluminum rods and where you separate the wings. What power set up are you using.
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BackPackModels on October 21, 2013
Thanks! Aluminium is propably the best choise here...
I´m flying with a used motor of a trainer plane, maybe 1200kV, using a 3s 1800mAh lipo and a 9*6 propeller, 40 amp esc. Maybe it´s a bit too much power, it flies great with third throttle ;)
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Nathan_116 on October 21, 2013
When i first saw this i was thinking that you took the ft spitfire and made it a micro. This is even better because its still a good size plane that is now easy to transport
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Flamingo on October 23, 2013
Very cool! What foam did you use for the build? As a fellow European I'm keen to know of good options to the dollar tree foamboard.
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BackPackModels on October 23, 2013
I was looking for my foam for a pretty long time but now I´m using 6mm Depron. You can order it via Internet but you have to put tape on all of your hinges because it isn´t covered with paper. Finally it´s much lighter and u can fly your Spitfire on a 4000 mAh battery ;D
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Flying Fox on November 20, 2014
WOW totally awesome
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BackPack FT Spitfire