Boeing 767 RC jet - REVIEW

by flitetest_argentina | March 25, 2014 | (5) Posted in Reviews

This plane is the result of 2 years and 9 months of hard work and sacrifice for friends tata Workshop . It is built entirely by hand , the references were obtained by measuring the model from a model in the Boeing Company purchased in the United States. They have worked 15 people who have dedicated their experience and passion to building this beautiful model.

To refer a little to technical data we can say that this Boeing 767 wingspan is 5 meters and 6 meters long. Jet Cat takes two turbines 20Kg thrust each, fed by two fuel tanks of 5 liters each. It engines mensionar 1 liter of fuel consumed by minute. The model electronic part is composed of a receiver JR1222 that supports high voltages and high consumption with peaks up to 50A and 35A consumption constant . As for food , batteries are two lithium -manganese iron . Also make electronic ballasts Part 2 , 4 dividers , 1 command sequencer. As for all Hitec servos are 12 kilos and is 16 in total.

The model weight 70Kg 10Kg fuel more round. The transport is a big deal with an aircraft of this type . The fuselage has been designed so that it is separated into two sections, which are transported in a truck. The swings be transported separately and still need to find transportation to the center section of the wings.

The materials of construction of the Boeing 767 are polystyrene ( foam ) coated fiberglass with carbon fiber reinforcements in the sections of maximum effort. More pictures of our history in our facebook page!






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rogerjiangcf on March 25, 2014
They should've add spoilers on the plane
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PaladinDG on March 25, 2014
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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on December 9, 2015
Thanks for sharing!
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Boeing 767 RC jet - REVIEW