Flying in Fall 2014 - TRAILER

by flitetest_argentina | March 24, 2014 | (2) Posted in Just Fun

This is a short Trailer of the biggest event in Buenos Aires with a lot of planes, great pilots from arround the world and over 3000 people! These were great 4 days of pure RC planes and Helis.

We were invited as press but also to fly a lot. We just want to show you a few photos. Over 200 pictures more in facebook!

50% PiperCub and the little 1400mm Hobbyking one.

Big Pilatus PC-12.

Hércules C130.

Our camaraman Martin standing with the awsome Boeing 767 in "Dreamliner" repaint.

With the guys from "Birds of War". Mateo is now an official pilot for them! Hurray!

The event is getting to it's end. (Robin left and Mateo right, on the runway).

The view from "the inspectors tower".


So that's it! This is just a short preview of what is going to happen on the next episodes. More pictures of our history in our facebook page!






PARTNERS STORE: (If you buy something, it keeps their show running)




Remember, we are a honorary partner of Flite Test. COPYRIGHT 2013 to Stonekap Productions for music, name and logo.


The P.A.S. is the "solidary action programm" of Mateo's international school programm. The P.A.S. is an intensiv 2 years program were you go to different fundations and schools to get young children to learn new things...normaly, those kids don't have their parents or they were never listened, so they wait us almost everyday  to get them new things to do. 

Mateo thought that it would be a great idea to continue with the FliteTest mission statement wich is "entertain, educate and elevate the world of flight". So he is getting some contact with Chad Kapper and Josh Bixler so that they can help him! 

AND YOU CAN HELP US TOO! If you want to donate something for the kids, please sent us an e-mail to ... this is only a voluntary thing! You don't have to do it if you don't want to but Mateo wants just to talk to this guys about the principles of flight, build some FT Speedbuild kits and then get to fly please...THE CHILDREN NEED YOU! We are going to use everything you give us..but this is for FREE and it's something you have to do with pleassure. We can do this world just a bit better together... 



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Flying in Fall 2014 - TRAILER