Boeing 777 EDF Airliner- Version 2

by Spacemonkeykj | March 16, 2020 | (4) Posted in Projects

this airplane is a remake of my previous Boeing 777 airliner that is made from paper model plans. it took 25 days to build which was about 1/3 the time of the first of these "triple-sevens".

the old one was my first airliner, which meant I had much to learn since it was a new type of plane. (also I never flew an EDF aircraft before, haha).  I had my Delta Airlines 777 for over a year until it met its dramatic end last November.

here’s the 777 at Flite Fest Ohio, 2018.

the 777 in October 2019, after repairs from 2018...

the plane’s final flight...

... and here it is after a fatal tip stall. :(

It took a while for me to get motivated to build another airliner, but all the electronics on this one survived the crash. So since I still had the plans,I decided to make a new one :D

The Delta livery was a bit saturated so I chose a new one just to keep things interesting. The Air Canada new livery is awesome :D

A big change from 2018 were airfoils on the tail surfaces.

The wing mount and removal system were also simplified, as were the wings.

The retracts and gear are straight off the old 777.

The nose gear uses a 105-degree retract from e-flite.

I 3D printed some new nacelles out of black ABS, accurate to the Air Canada livery. these nacelles are not scale because the fans are too big. I should have used 50mm or 55mm, but oh well, too late now haha.

The rest of the livery was done with black packaging tape, and the logos and text are printed out on sticker paper.

feel free to read the article for my previous 777 to see more pictures of the build process.


Despite what camera magic may or may not do, this airplane is a very imperfect project. It was mostly intended to replace my old one because I missed not having an airliner. And that it does very nicely, despite being massively overpowered with 64mm fans. even so, it flies better than I could have hoped for, like, better than the old one! the wings were enlarged and simplified which I think made a huge difference. The CG was nearly perfect if a bit nose heavy which is highly preferred over tail heavy. the plane demonstrated unprecedented stability and precision. I give it an A+ for flight performance and a solid B- for build quality. It could be a lot better, but it doesn't need to be.


Wingspan: 48.25 inches (1225mm)

Length: 50.5 inches (1282mm)

Weight: About 3 pounds (1360 grams/48 oz)

Fans: Detrum 64mm EDFs

Motors: Detrum BM2815D3, 4100KV

ESCs: Detrum 40A, 2-6s LiPo

Servos: 8x 9 gram servos

Battery: 3s 2200mAh 35c

Retracts: 2x Dynam Main Gear Retract, 1x e-flite 15-25 105-degree nose retract 

Radio used: Spektrum DX8 and LemonRx 6 channel receiver 

Overall, I'm delightfully surprised with how well this project turned out, and as I said in the article for the original 777, I encourage you to build a plane like this of your own if you haven't done so already!


NYCBobby on August 10, 2020
What an awesome job you did on this plane. I wish all my projects were this "imperfect." She looks so beautiful in the air and sounds really sweet too. Congrats...really fantastic.
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Spacemonkeykj on August 14, 2020
thank you very much, I sure am pleased with it :)
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Aldicodi on August 27, 2020
That's awesome!! Where did you find the plans?
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Spacemonkeykj on August 27, 2020
thank you :) the fuselage is made from scaled-up paper model plans. you can find the original model here:
the wings and everything else is designed by me!
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Boeing 777 EDF Airliner- Version 2