001 - Episode 1

by FliteTest Community Cast | November 2, 2015 | (16) Posted in Podcasts

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Note from the Host:

Hi everyone! The Flite Test Community Podcast is here!

I hope that you find the news of a Community driven podcast as exciting as we do!

The aim of this podcast is to highlight what is going on within the community and feature community members. This content is not from Flite Test, but hopefully will be an addition to the original Flite Test Mission: Entertaining, Educating, and Elevating the World of Flight!

While Flite Test has more than excellent content, we have been thinking that a community podcast would be a great addition. This show focuses on the people and the content of the forums.

We would love to hear from this wonderful community on where this show should go. We are looking for input about what and who interests you on the forums. There is always something new and exciting going on in the forums, great builds, great personalities, and a ton of good information that can be shared. We thought a podcast would be a good way to highlight and recognize individuals who help to make this forum community so great!

We really hope that you will enjoy our attempt at bringing the same quality content that the Flite Test crew brings us. Please let us know what you think of  the podcast. We are looking for your input on the topics and individuals that grab your interest.

Thank you for giving us a listen!

Mike Finley, Patrick Shawn Murphy & Joel Cannon

Show Notes:

Welcome to the New members:

  • dwight joined, Oct 2015
  • Tsmelser, Sept 2015
  • attaboy, Oct 2015
  • October 6, 2015, Flite Test turned 5 years old! Congrats to everyone that started it! And special thanks to the community for keeping it going and not losing the faith!


spastickitten on November 3, 2015
I need to see you sometime, I too live close to Disney
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TEAJR66 on November 4, 2015
Thank you guys. I really enjoyed listening. Keep it up.
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Kurt0326 on November 4, 2015
Yes, we need more! The peoples' voice. Just like the bench flying at the field. Well, perhaps cleaner than some. ;)
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themajik1 on November 8, 2015
LOL yes Kurt, we want to keep it clean! Hopefully you will like what we have in store.
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themajik1 on November 5, 2015
I just want to say thank you all for the support. Hopefully everyone will like what we have done and what we are planning for future episodes. Keep listening and give us feedback, we could invite you to be a guest!
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Matthewism on November 10, 2015
Yeah, we've got snow. Time to pack up the Spitfire. We've got a club at least, the 'grumpy old man' kind :)
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Flynn on November 12, 2015
I am loving the Podcast Guys. Thanks so much for doing this! Keep up the good work!
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Digital Wolf on November 13, 2015
I really like this way of podcasting! Love to listen to you guys! Great job and keep goig!
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001 - Episode 1