Fowl Flyer

by FliteTest | November 21, 2011 | (14 Ratings) Posted in Projects

In this episode of Flite Test, Josh, Josh and David have a holiday project for us! This is one lucky Thanksgiving Day turkey, who will be enjoying his last flight! Watch this episode to see how it turns out!


ockay16 on October 18, 2012
Hi guys, I'd like to build a plane wich can carry some heavy loads (FPV equipement, water or bomb drop...) and so I thought about building something like your fowl flyer, maybe lighter and smaller, but could you give some more informations about your buid.

If anyone has another idea of plane fitting my needs, I'm interested.

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FliteTest on October 18, 2012
We'll have a scaled down version ready for REVIEW and BUILD next month.
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stonekap on April 25, 2012
This is my favorite episode!
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bossman 1478 on May 12, 2013
when is going to be at the store
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gdrcpilot on June 26, 2013
As I watched what you Turkeys were up to in this video, I thought I remembered someone telling me that Turkeys can't fly. That pilot was not what I would call a fine feathered friend either. I did see that he had his wings in RC though. Somebody should have told him when he didn't have good elevator response, not to lose his head. If he came from a Christian roost, he might have been a bird of Pray. Shall I go on?
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