FT Bloody Baron

by FliteTest | August 17, 2015 | (18) Posted in Projects

We are very excited to be kicking off our Community Series with this mod to one of our own designs. 

The FT Bloody Baron is designed to be a "combat-buddy" to the FT Bloody Wonder. The planes look like brothers but the Baron features 4-channel control with the addition of a rudder.

 This design was created by long time FT community member Dan & Keegan Sponholz. Here are a few words from them...

"It [is] such an honor to have this plane selected as the first community design to be released on the Flite Test store. Flite Test is the reason that my family and I got started in the hobby. [We] am very grateful to have been given an opportunity to give something back to the Flite Test family."



  • Weight (no battery): 10.7 oz (303 g)
  • CG: 2.5 in. (63 mm) from leading edge
  • Throws: 12° deflection / Expo 30%
  • Wingspan: 29 in. (737 mm)
  • Motor*: 39 g, 1200 kv minimum
  • Prop*: 8 x 4.5 slow fly
  • ESC*: 20 - 30 amp
  • Battery*: 800 mAH 3s minimum (for use with the B PowerPack)
  • Battery*: 1300 mAH 3s minimum (for use with the C PowerPack)
  • Servos*: (2-3) 9 gram



*Note.  When choosing a battery for your aircraft, be sure to match the electrical connector on the battery to the one on your ESC.  Otherwise soldering will be needed.


In the spirit of family we decided to pull everyone out of the shop for a day and fly together! We love combat as much as anyone else, but decided to shake it up a bit. 

Combat between fighters can be more waiting time than anything. We decided to give the fighters a bit bigger target. 

This is a mash-up between a Bloody Wonder, B-17, B-24, and F-22 we lovingly dubbed the Bloody Bomber! 

It's FT Bloody Barons vs. the Bloody Bomber!

To even up the fight, the bomber deploys some Bloody Wonder backup! 

At the end of the day there wasn't as much carnage as we hoped for (per usual) but we found that simply flying these in a group was more fun anyway. 

The FT Bloody Baron Kit is available now!

If you are a first time pilot, we recommend installing Power Pack B. This is an extremely easy build and flying on low rates will tame it down.

If you are experienced, Power Pack C will give you impressive vertical climb and tight acrobatics. 


Build video and FREE plans can be found here!


If you are wondering how to submit a design for the Community Series it all starts by making an article here on flitetest.com. Make a build video, take amazing pictures, get some buzz rolling around your design. The more popular we see the plane becoming, the more likely you might get an email from us!


lefty on August 17, 2015
Very super cool. Thank you again.
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FliteStudent on August 17, 2015
As always, a great show! I look forward to building my Bloody Barron to fly with my Bloody Wonder (SBK for the later is on its way ;-).

As you refine, perfect, and make it repeatable, is there intent to release plans for the Bloody Bomber (it will go great with my Storch)? How many DTFB sheets needed for the build? Will it have an option for differential thrust? Option for flaps? Flaperons? SBK?

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SP0NZ on August 17, 2015
Easily my all-time favorite episode. Love how you brought more of the Flite Test crew into this episode. That Bloody Bomber was epic and those multi-colored Barons looked like a real "Flying Circus" up there.

Thanks for the honor of having our design on the Flite Test store!

-Dan and Keegan Sponholz
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iflylilplanes on August 17, 2015
I would love the plans for both the Bloody Baron and it's mini version as in the above photo, will they be both available in the near future?
How about a series of WW1 for slow combat, just an idea.

Many Thanks,

Dave W. in Oz.
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SP0NZ on August 17, 2015
Nearer than you think. ;)

Baby Baron - http://flitetest.com/articles/baby-baron-free-plans
Bloody Baron - http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?15270-Bloody-Baron-Build

My plans for the Bloody Baron vary slightly from the SBK version, but both are very easy builds.
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ScottyZ on August 17, 2015
Thanks for Sport'in the hat Josh ;)
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gofaster72 on August 17, 2015
Looking forward to seeing the build video and scratch building one.
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Ron B on August 17, 2015
I gave it 5 stars because of the kids flying and I have chased a friends plane trying to video it with my plane and I know how hard it is to fight with them but it did look like a few found their mark..
Now we need snoopy and his dog house for some real dog fights.
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Daniël on August 18, 2015
I am going to build the bloody baron, it is looking great. Would a 50 gram 2212 2200kv motor with a 6x4 APC prop work on this plane? Or should I go for lower kvs? Would a sunnysky x2212 kv980 with a 10x4.5 sf prop be a better match?
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SP0NZ on August 18, 2015
I have not tried a high kv motor on any of my combat planes. I'm pretty sure the 2212 980 kv will work fine though.
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Daniël on August 18, 2015
thanks, I will try that. It should also give me good flight times.
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Paddy Dill on August 19, 2015
PDF plans available soon? Love the design!
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SP0NZ on August 19, 2015
The Flite Test plans should be available later today, along with the build video. Glad you like the design.
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Oske on July 21, 2017
Speaking of the design, i was curious if you designed this plane off of the ugly stik. It looks really similar in a lot of ways.
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turbojman on August 22, 2015
I really want to build the bloody bomber!! are you doing build planns for that or do I have to wing it???
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china fans on September 12, 2015
Ha ha, with the Hui Sheng steering gear, which is the worst of China's steering gear

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BumpierDrake960 on September 14, 2015
What a great flying Plane! I fly mine with a 28mm 2200kv motor and 7X6 prop. Both 2 and 3 cell 2200mah fly awesome. Tracks like a lazer.
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thefrogman123 on September 16, 2015
Parasite fighters!
Put one under each wing, when the enemy fighters come up to meet the bomber, Surprise!
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thefrogman123 on September 16, 2015
Oops didn't see the parasite fighters originally. That was awesome!
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thefrogman123 on September 16, 2015
Bombardier payload Ft Punjet
Use a ccd board cam as a bombsight
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dkruger` on October 2, 2015
I just ordered my Bloody Baron speed build kit. Now I am wondering where I can get the decals for it? Anybody know?
I've never flown combat and wonder how the streamers are attached? And where is the best place to attach it... or them? I would like to fly mine with short streamers just for looks and to help me keep orientation of the plane.
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Dave.E on October 5, 2015
On the SPONZ plans page http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?17136-SP0NZ-Plans-Index, there is a link "Graphics: German". I printed those out, cut just inside the lines, sprayed lightly with 3M Super 77 adjesive and stuck them to the plane. Then I covered the design part with clear packing tape, and all other parts with red packing tape. Looks beautiful, as if it was a professional job!
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Dave.E on October 5, 2015
I'm new to RC Aircraft, and really confused about propellers. I'm flying a Package C motor. This article recommends "8 x 4.5 slow fly". To me, "slow fly" sounds bad for a combat aircraft with a big motor. Other people have mentioned flying with 6x4, 10x4.5, 7x6, and the original Bloody Baron article mentions 8x6 and 9x4.7SF (depending on the motor, which makes some sense). There's entirely too many choices, how do I choose?!?
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Damig on November 20, 2015
W00t...here we go, I love this
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Rex227c on October 24, 2016
I would like to see some plans for the bomber .I think it will be fun to fly that beast in the sky.it is so beautiful.keep up the awesome work and fly safe.
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TrooperCooper on January 3, 2018
I absolutely love the Bloody Baron. It flies great, and does everything it needs to, even some mild 3D. The doubled fuselage does wonders for the durability. It is great at protecting the power pod. However, seems how the foam is open on the bottom, take time to laminate that part with Hot glue, and reenforce that often, as any moisture can get up through there and ruin your airplane. I flew this plane in snow and it held up great because of the doubled fuselage. I was even able to underestimate the glideslope, making it land short of the runway in a HARVESTED cornfield, only having some minor damage to the fuselage aesthetics, but paper fixed that. Overall GREAT PLANE for anyone.
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SP0NZ on January 31, 2018
Thanks for the review TrooperCooper. Still one of my favorite planes to fly.
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FT Bloody Baron