FT Super Bee

by FliteTest | August 29, 2016 | (9) Posted in Reviews

The new FT Super Bee is here! 

The Super Bee is a mashup of Dan and Keegan Sponholz’s Bloody Baron and the FT Mini Cruiser.

Our goal with this design was to create a fast, durable FPV or line of sight race platform that was easy to transport, build and launch.

The Super Bee’s twin engine configuration provides the ability to use differential thrust for yaw control. The tractor configuration pulls the airframe rather than pushing it, making for a smooth flight considering the Super Bee’s small size.

This plane has zero torque thanks to counter-rotating props and uses common, readily available race quad motors.

This plane is FPV-ready and has no obstructions in front of the camera. But you don’t need FPV equipment to enjoy this design! The FT Super Bee is great for formation flying, shooting gaps and fun with friends.


Stay tuned for the FT Super Bee Build video!


Anon Pilot on August 30, 2016
Excellent. I thought that this was a sensible video of a viable aeroplane. In fact, I can't wait to make one, and sadly, with FT, I haven't felt like that for a LONG time.

Afterthought... foam-board edges, particularly ex-laser, look aerodynamically dreadful, they are more or less scoops, they must drag horribly, although they don't seem to reduce the performance of this aircraft by much.
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muze on August 29, 2016
Just curious will we get plans for it?
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AkimboGlueGuns on August 29, 2016
The plans should be up on Wednesday with the build video (possibly before then.) Keep an eye on the stonekap page. That's usually the first place FT plans get posted. Plans for FT planes will always be free.
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grifflyer on September 2, 2016
here is the build article with the plans
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johnnyjiujitsu on August 30, 2016
I was looking at flitetest the other day thinking, they haven't come out with a new build in 2 months! Oh well, I'm just going to find an older design. Something fast and "Jetty."
I went through the catalog and decided that I wanted to try the Vector. Please note I cannot explain the joy when you brought out the Seaduck. I will build it one day. Too much for a first build of the season. I wanted something fast and "easy."
Monday night I finished cutting out the pieces and last night I glued them together.
I soon noticed that a new design had come out in the middle of a committed build.
After watching the video, I was sold. FPV on that little guy sounds really fun.
It looks like another fast "easy" build. Thank you for a new design! Paint scheme is awesome too!
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FT Super Bee