FT Twin Sparrow - Release!

by FliteTest | May 25, 2018 | (10) Posted in Reviews


We just released a new plane! It's a twin version of our favourite Sparrow design for double the fun.

The standard FT Sparrow was unveiled a few years back and since proved to be super popular. What's great about it is that you can assemble it as a simple chuck glider, or go all the way and slap a huge motor and a powerful FPV setup on the thing! The new twin motored version takes this to a whole new level. 

What's new?

Like our last release, with the FT Dart, the new Twin Sparrow uses our Power Pack H. This pack includes two Emax 1106 4500kv Motors along with two Emax 12a Bullet ESC's. This gives you plenty of power on either a 2s, 3s or 4s setup. 

There's also a removable nose which is great for accessing your electronics. It can also be replaced if you fly the thing into the dirt! 

If you want to go FPV with the FT Twin Sparrow, you have the option of sticking your gear up front in a special nose. If you want to simply attach your FPV camera up top on the fuselage exterior, you can also do that without a problem. 

If you have an FT Dart or FT Arrow, you're going to love the form factor of this thing. It's similarly sized and has some great flying characteristics that would make it the perfect addition to your fleet. 


As mentioned, the FT Twin Sparrow is pretty versatile, just like it's older bro, the original FT Sparrow. It's also super quick to build.

The aircraft is a great route into the RC hobby if you haven't ever tried flying with Radio Control before. Equally, if you are involved in RC already and want to introduce someone new, you could build the Sparrow as a simple chuck glider at first.

Later on, you can progress to add in your electronics to make it a controllable model. That way, you can up the 'fun level' to do all sorts of crazy challenges. 

This is the process you could use with a class of students if you run a school club or STEM program. We specially produce group packages of multiple kits for this purpose! Check out FT STEM for more information. 

Style your Sparrow!

You can paint the waterproof foam board that the FT Twin Sparrow is made from. Our resident artist Chad did a great job turning two FT Twin Sparrows into the dragons from How To Train Your Dragon. 

You could definitely copy the methods we used if you're a fan of that movie too! 


If you want to build one of these fun little airplanes for yourself whilst supporting Flite Test, check out the links at the end of this article to find the speed build kit we offer!

Remember to share your experiences of the FT Twin Sparrow with us here on flitetest.com or on the forums


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Article by James Whomsley

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Elija on August 21, 2018
Which flight time can I expect with an 800 mah 3s lipo?

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toefymobile on August 28, 2018
About 3min, i went with a fixed nose, top hatch, removed the battery tray, i can fit anything from 850 3s to 1300 4s. shifting the battery back and forth to maintain cg
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widnerkj on June 1, 2018
Why does the twin sparrow quickbuild have the 450 mAh lipo as the option, whereas the regular mini sparrow has an 850 mAh? I'd imagine two electric motors would like more capacity.
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w1lp33 on June 23, 2018
Presumably because the motors add more weight to the front, so it'd be harder to balance with an 850 battery, also the battery tray takes up space. I have found I can just fit an 850mah 3s in and balance it properly.
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vptorres on May 26, 2018
Where are the nacelle's as a separate item in your store for the 1/2 and 1/2 DIY People.
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Bob S on September 24, 2018
As requested by vptorres on May 25 2018. Where are the nacelles as a separate item in your store.as mentioned by Josh in Twin Sparrow Build?
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devangel77b on January 24, 2019
I'm curious about the removable nose? I see the online plans have the option to do single engine power pod at the aft end of the aircraft but where is the removable nose feature? Are the regular single engine Sparrow plans to be updated too, or should we make future builds from the twin sparrow?
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FT Twin Sparrow - Release!