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The Heli-Max BLACK HAWK is a highly detailed 1/43 scale R/C brushless aerobatic helicopter.

Includes TAGS for exceptionally stable flights, features a 4-blade collective pitch rotor head, along with a tube-driven variable pitch tail rotor and much more!

This helicopter is extremely detailed for it's small size with exit door grabs, detailed cockpit, engine intakes and even windshield wipers.

We also had a chance to fly the EC145 EUROCOPTER, a 1/43 scale helicopter from Heli-Max.

The AnyLink system allows us to fly these helicopters with virtually any transmitter.

The BLACK HAWK looks amazing in the air, even with it's small size the helicopter looks very realistic.

The BLACK HAWK is very stable to fly but is designed for experienced helicopter pilots.

Like any small scale aircraft, handling the helicopter can be a challenge. 

This is an aerobatic helicopter! But don't let the small scale fool you, this and the EUROCOPTER are not beginner helicopters.

Comparing the BLACK HAWK to the EUROCOPTER, the EURO seemed to fly more "twitchy".

Though the EC145 heli didn't do very well after its first crash.

The BLACK HAWK handles like a much larger scale helicopter and flys very nicely. 

The collective pitch makes adds to the helicopters realistic scale look and also creates a great flying experience. 

Helicopters mentioned in this episode:
Heli-Max AXE 100 CP

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RCmaniac on July 17, 2013
Very nice helicopter, I am almost convinced to get one! Great job guys!
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tramsgar on July 17, 2013
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casehatter on July 17, 2013
Good action shots through the woods really good but I'm a plane guy me self ..!!
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Furiou5 on July 17, 2013
That blackhawk is beautiful! Congrats on the new sponsor, big things guys!

For everyone else, If you are like me an already have an Audible account let them know that you are happy that they are sponsoring FliteTest. Their twitter is @Audible_com. Let them know they are hitting the right demographic and they will continue to sponsor.
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mitchellduran on July 18, 2013
So guys, is there an rc model on the market that you would pay $300.00 plus tax for and not complain about the price?
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rcspaceflight on July 18, 2013
No. It's because $300 is a lot of money. Not because they're not worth it.
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AndrewT28 on July 22, 2013
Flitetest, good day to put a video. July 17th is my actual birthday. This is Andrew from the toledo show (The creator of the mixmatch) I finally got an account on the flitetest website.
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Yogenh on February 26, 2014
Did a good job with it. I know that I would like to have one but as you said $300.00 is a lot
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aurc on February 28, 2014
Oooooooooh........... Pricy. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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