My Build of the FT-Simple Storch - with flight vid

by LetsFlyRC | September 1, 2014 | (6) Posted in Reviews

I always love it when FliteTest comes out with new planes.  I wait by the computer, checking every Monday and Wednesday, over and over, to see if the videos are up yet.  I'm probably not the only one.  

When the Simple Storch came out, I was on a mission to be the first to have it built.  I spent 5 hours that evening, and maidened it the next day.

What a great plane this is.  It can be used for so many purposes.  It is fast, it glides like no other, and It has tons of power, so it can carry stuff.  Not to mention, it is huge.  But, since the wings detatch, I can fit it in my car.

I was a little worried about the landing gear, because it looked kinda funky, but it is the strongest gear they have made, so far.

Power setup used:

Motor: 2217-07 suppo
ESC: Hobby King Birdie 30A
Prop: 1047
Battery: 2200mah 3 cell 

Here is a video I put together of the maiden flight, and a few after.

And here are some pics of my build.


Miracle Air on October 7, 2014
That thing IS fast. It flies like a hotliner glider when the power's on. Nice clean build and great use of what I am guessing is a keychain camera. I saw a full scale Storch at War Eagles in NM and fell in love. After seeing your vid the deal is sealed.
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d2it4me on October 9, 2014
What do you use for your wheel hubs? I have been using thread spools but they are hard to come by here.
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LetsFlyRC on October 10, 2014
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Nistrum on October 10, 2014
ha, very cool.
actually really liked the music too. looks like it was an incredibly comfortable maiden, wish mine would go that well :/ how long did it take to fix?

Also i envy your hangar. that's an amazing collection you have there!
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LetsFlyRC on October 10, 2014

Thanks dmedlock. I am using the hobbyking wingcam. only $35, so, WHEN it crashes...

I fixed the plane in minutes nistrum. Very little damagem. Strong plane. Thanks, buddy
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My Build of the FT-Simple Storch - with flight vid