Olde-style wheels for olde-style planes.

by alibopo | December 12, 2013 | (10) Posted in Tips

Old-style wheels to go with your old-style planes.



I wanted to improve the look of some wheels I had, and came up with this quick mod.

First mark out the spoke positions and the inner diameter of the wheel rim on a scrap of foamboard.

Next cut out the circle of foam board.

Following the lines you drew, carefully remove slots for the spokes to sit-in.

I used dividers (the ones with two metal points) to pick up the radius of the wheel inner.

I then used the dividers to scribe a cut in some suitable card – this is stiff photographic paper. I found it easiest to keep the dividers in one place and turn the paper. Steady, gentle pressure, and the divider end will score and cut the paper. Or you could just draw the circle and use scissors – but this method can produce a very neat outline.

Almost there!

Not the neatest I’ve managed, but you get the idea.

Glue the foam board onto the wheel – this is foam-safe CA.

Cut the centre of the paper disc so that it fits over your axle spigot, (that’s the bit sticking up in the middle), and glue it in place. I used the CA again. That’s it – finished!

I did wonder about printing up some wheel detail on the photographic paper before cutting it out – but maybe that’s going too far?

Why not just glue on two flat discs - one either side? This way the paper is glued very firmly to the foam pad, with lots of contact area. Even if the spokes come loose from the foam board, the little assembly will stay put.

Cheers, alibopo.


Art on December 12, 2013
Nice idea. Any project can be made more complex if you think about it hard enough :) So here goes:) I saw a blip where they cut 3 balsa disks, the center one a little smaller then the other outer 2. They then glued the 3 disks together. They then had a large 'O' ring that was slipped over the outside disk and onto the middle one. I don't know if you can get the neat spoke detail that way or not but with another outer balsa disk and sanding you can get a gentle 'cone' shape to the wheel. Nice detail on your biplane. Keep the ideas coming - old 'newcomer' guys like me need them:)

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sailorJohn on December 12, 2013
Foam board, a medium to actually build "models" progresses step by step. Eventually I would like to see really finished looking models , love what you have done with your wheels but your wing supports are a work of art.
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Flying Fox on November 19, 2014
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Olde-style wheels for olde-style planes.